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How Do You Manufacture Industrial Strength Content?

industrial strengthImagine you are watching a soccer game with a friend who claims to be a fan. You might suspect they are not really a fan of the sport if they can’t tell the difference between a penalty kick or free kick or if they have no idea what terms like “pitch” or “side” mean.

A lack of knowledge can also be a dangerous thing with content writing. Unfamiliarity with a niche or industry can make your content lack credibility with your target audience. Your content only works when you understand the nature of that land.

The good news is you can master writing for any industry as a professional writer if you follow a few simple guidelines for manufacturing industrial strength content:

Pose the right questions

Writing detailed content pertaining to a specific niche or industry means getting the details right. And that starts with asking the right questions. That makes it easier to find out which details matter and which ones should be the focus of the content. For a writer, this means doing enough research to get a working background knowledge of their topic so they can figure out which questions are the right ones.

Highlight relevant details

If you want to do a review of a new car for an automotive blog, it’s a good idea to understand the technical aspects of the engine and car design to give readers an accurate of idea how a car will perform on the road. That’s true with all industrial writing. Writers must immerse themselves in learning about their subject and then highlight details which are most useful to their audience.

Use correct language

Terminology is everything in industrial writing. A writer needs to be able to grasp industrial jargon and share the same idea in a manner best understood by their target audience. Getting the language right means translating technical details and language so that they are within the grasp of your reader. It enhances both the value of the content and your authority as a writer.

Show genuine interest

If you have no true knowledge or interest in a particular industry, you will be exposed the minute you try to write about topics related to it. The no. 1 rule for succeeding in industrial content writing is you must have a genuine interest in that industry. If you don’t have an interest in cooking, for example, you would likely struggle to write a restaurant review detailing exactly why a dish tastes good or doesn’t taste good. Your review would also lack credibility with an audience looking for guidance on where to dine out.

John C is a seasoned writer and editor who counts multiple publications and websites among his extensive freelance portfolio. John puts his talents to good use on assignments that include covering major sports teams and athletes, writing about the great outdoors and chronicling business news and trends.

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