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Honing Your Hashtag Skills

Honing Your Hashtag Skills Across Social MediaThe hashtag—aka the tic-tac-toe board, pound sign, or number symbol—has established its own force field within social media. You see hashtags everywhere tacked onto comments from Instagram to Twitter, and now even on Facebook. But why, for the love of everything holy, why? Well, first things first. These crazy characters are not fading away anytime soon. In fact, their power is rapidly snowballing. So as a SEO content writer, it’s best to understand how to approach these ‘non-words’ that pack so much punch.

Hashtags 101

Hashtags are used to categorize comments and messages on social media sites including:

  • Twitter
  • Tout
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Kickstarter
  • Pinterest

Additionally, according to The Wall Street Journal Facebook is purported to start tagging along with the rest of the hashtag crowd. In fact, some users on Facebook already use the hashtags in their posts as a form of daily expression, possible in hopes that soon enough Facebook will join the party. As hashtags are used across multiple social media sites, they can be used to organize and share everything from comments to photos under the # mark regardless of whether you are Tweeting, posting or pinning.

The Original Hashtagger

The use of hashtags at its original home—Twitter—was for the benefit of organizing Tweets for users according to subject matter or categories. However, since the first ever hashtagged Tweet way back in 2007, these marks have now found their way into social marketing and online advertising campaigns. Companies, such as Verizon Wireless who uses the # to organize webinars and chats for users, are utilizing hashtags as a way to organize and attract customers’ attention.

Tips for Tagging Using Hash Marks

If you want to make the most of hash marks, start by researching your preferred hashtag. Just like researching website names, if your desired hashtag is as well known as the Big Mac, you need to find a different name. Look for creative and catchy names for your hashtags so to draw attention from perspective readers who see your comments. Use the hashtags everywhere for marketing your articles, such as on all social media profiles, your website, printed T-shirts and business cards. Your hashtag should become a major part of your business slogan or logo. As customers become engrained with your hashtag, you’ll have yet another way to reach out and connect with potential clients.

What Not to Do

While you want your hashtags to become an integral part of your online presence and social profile, there is a fine line between useful and overuse. In your comments, posts and articles, don’t let those tic-tac-toe boards become too distracting. A post, such as:

#beetlebug #hatermom #treehugger #teamvader Love this work by #amazingcats It looks #cool #neat #hipster

is only going to make clickers delete, dislike, and un-friend. And above all else, please don’t name your baby Hashtag. After all, you won’t be the first parent to do so. Go with something more creative, like Hash-Mark or Hashly, and heaven’s to Betsy don’t forget the #.

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