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Hire Technical Writers Instead of Blowing Money on these Tech Doodads

Tech Doodads You Don't NeedCutting back on the boob tube, eating healthier and quitting smoking are typical resolutions of individuals for the new year. For most SMBs, a new year means new gadgets offering promises of organization, marketing, and professionalism. Business owners are searching for that abracadabra device that will transform their enterprise into a streamlined corporation with excellent employee efficiency and Apple-like products or services. All too often, SMBs are looking for that quick fix. For instance, instead of budgeting to hire technical writers, they flush their funds into overpriced specialty equipment that promises them the moon and more. This year, avoid the magic pill of these fancy tech accessories.

GPS Units

So you have employees who travel to meet clients or to find warehouses. You think you need to fit every company car with a GPS system, saving time and money by keeping your employees on route, right? Wrong. First you buy a new GPS system for a vehicle. Then after a few months you need to update that system so your employees are up-to-date on the latest maps. Ever been in a city that doesn’t have road construction going on? Exactly, which is why you need to update your GPS systems. However, at a price tag often comparable to the original purchase cost of the GPS itself, you are bleeding money. Stop the madness and commit to using a smartphone for finding directions, as they come with free apps with free maps and free directions.

Point, Shoot, and Capture Cameras

While point and shoot cameras are cool for high tech photo junkies, the average SMB employee doesn’t have the first clue about how to operate them. Of course, there are some businesses that require snapping a shot on the regular, i.e. insurance agents and real estate agents. If you need to take photos, choose a smartphone. Not only are these convenient all-in-one gadgets, but smartphones are becoming exceptional in the photography realm. Consider the Nokia Lumia 1020, a smartphone with the capacity to take photos that have 41 megapixels. Forty-one, yes that’s right, folks. While smartphones offer the ability to instantly share photos via email, social media and texting, you can now take point and shoot camera quality photos with a smartphone. ‘Nuff said.

Video Cameras

For the same reason as point and shoot cameras, handheld video cameras are a ridiculous purchase. A smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop with a camera feature offers as much video capturing power as you will need. Even if your SMB wants to make a commercial for Kickstarter, a professional video on YouTube, or a video highlighting a new employee for your website, you can do it with the cameras installed on your already existing tech products. No need to spend more money, take up more storage space, and have an instructional seminar for employees on how to use the new handheld camcorder in your office.

The moral of this post? Focus on fewer tech gadgets for your business. While you might think you are saving money and time by having specialty items, thanks to the advances of technology, exactly the opposite is true. Tech products are often like novelty toys. Instead of novelty items and dust catchers, spend more on finding expert employees for particular aspects of your business.

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