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Hire Blog Writers that Treat Content Marketing as a Marathon Not a Sprint


Content marketing is one of the best ways to get results for your website or online shop. However, the best results come when you look at the big picture instead of what is directly in front of you. It is just like training for a marathon. It is important that you hire blog writers that have the same mindset. Whether you are already in the content marketing game, or you are thinking about starting. It is important to begin training today—with an eye on the prize many miles down the line.

  • Start Training Today – Just like you wouldn’t wait until the day before your big race to start training, you don’t put off the beginning of your content marketing plan. Start small and build to a more rigorous plan.
  • The Right Equipment Matters – A marathon runner needs high quality shoes to run his or her best. As a content marketer, you need to hire blog writers who can get your job done right. Do not try to get by with “bargain basement” writers—or shoes from the discount store!
  • Always Adapt – As a runner, your training plans are always changing. You may need to run more, run less, add hills or try new shoes. In content marketing, it is similar. What you are doing today may not work tomorrow. See how you are progressing and don’t be afraid to make changes.
  • Workout Partner? – Some runners want to train alone, others like to work out with a friend. Neither is a bad idea. Content marketing is the same thing. Perhaps you want to enlist the help of a virtual assistant, blog writer or other partner in your content marketing plan.
  • Increase Your Rigor – While you will start a marathon training program with just a short jog, so starts your content marketing—just a blog or two. However, over time you need to grow and develop your content marketing into something bigger and more meaningful. Only by building rigor will you accomplish all your goals.
  • Be Aware – Runners need to keep an eye open for other runners, cars, stray dogs and rocks in their path. Content writers have to watch out for the figurative snake in the grass too. Are the search engines changing their algorithms? Is another website stealing content? These can cause major problem for a content marketer!

Remember, you wouldn’t train for a marathon the same way you would train for a 100 yard dash. As such, your marketing plans shouldn’t be focused on today—it should be focused on tomorrow, next month and even next year. Content marketing involves building for a better tomorrow.

Tracy S is a content writer and blogger who specializes in home improvement related topics. When she’s not working, Tracy loves playing pool, watching cheesy reality TV, spending time with her family and dreaming of the beach.

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