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Beauty Content Marketing Insights by Sharon T

Let’s start off by saying that when it comes to content marketing, beauty is a great industry to be in. In some practical or dry industries, businesses have a hard time figuring out how to relate content to their brands and how to connect with clients and customers online.

But Newscred Insights suggests that these goals are simpler in the beauty industry than in others. Why? You can maximize different types of content, such as video. It’s easy for you to engage people on social media with beauty topics. And content in this industry tends to be shareable.

You also get to promote products that consumers get excited about and show them fresh ways to use these products. You can be friendly, sassy, and fun. And your audience–usually women–is there waiting for you. (Newscred highlights Pew data that 74 percent of women use social media.)

Your biggest challenge may be the immense competition you face in this crowded industry. Need some help finding your way in beauty content marketing? Use these beauty writing insights to establish your brand as one to follow in the beauty world.

What’s New with Beauty Writing?

To successfully connect with consumers through content marketing, it’s important to be up-to-date with the latest beauty news and trends. Let’s talk about a few of the beauty trends that were shared over this past year.

We saw content on what are considered unique representations of beauty. Think of the “Queen of the Dark” Sudanese model and Brazilian albino twins. This theme goes along with the growing trend of embracing different types of beauty and flaunting what you’ve naturally got.

We also saw bold beauty techniques like marble lipsholographic hair, and even rainbow armpit hair. Audiences can choose whether to try these bold looks or simply enjoy the visions of what can be accomplished in the beauty world. It’s a form of artistic expression.

Resources and Influencers to Turn To

Of course, beauty trends change as often as a celebrity’s hair color. Because of this, you have to continuously follow influencers to discover the latest news and trends. Wondering who to turn to? The beauty industry is so permeated with influencers that it can be hard to narrow it down, but try these ideas:

Magazines: The beauty magazines we have long relied on for guidance are still top sources. You don’t even have to get your hands on the print versions–you can simply follow their digital content. Some with strong online presences include Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, and Allure.

Websites: The beauty field has plenty of brands that stick to digital media. Look to websites like Stylecaster, Fashionista, Popsugar, and others that are always high in the search engine rankings with the latest beauty trends and stories.

Social Media: Look at YouTube and Instagram especially because they give beauty influencers the essential ability to share images of trends and techniques. There are actually so many beauty YouTube vloggers that it gets overwhelming. Try to narrow it down by seeing what’s trending, searching specific terms and finding favorites to follow. Some of my beauty favorites are Lauren Curtis, Alex Gaboury, Kayley Melissa, and Chloe Morello. Stylecaster considers some of the top beauty YouTubers to be Nitraa B, Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge, Kandee Johnson, and Zoella. Fashionista rates some of the major 2016 Instagram beauty influencers as chrisspy, amrezy, marianna_hewitt, vegas_nay, and iluvsarahii.

You can also follow fashion shows, beauty products exhibitions, and conferences, like Generation Beauty. Even beauty schools can be a source of information on current trends.

Beauty Content Marketing News and Insights

To see what’s hot and shared in the industry, look at what the top Instagram, YouTube, magazine, and website beauty influencers are publishing. Follow their lead, but find your own voice and perspective.

I’ve noticed that a lot of makeup and hair how-to content, product reviews, lists of trends, and examples of celebrity beauty are frequently shared. I’ve also seen stories with interviews of industry professionals, industry news, and feel-good stories about embracing natural beauty or using beauty techniques to boost confidence.

For the most part, content in this industry should be lighthearted and fun! I think it’s a mistake when writers craft beauty content that’s dull. Find ways to make it vibrant!

While this is a lighter industry than many, you can absolutely find ways to connect it to more serious topics and to other industries. I actually see this method a lot. Beauty can be connected to health, entertainment, fashion, psychology, and even politics. For instance, this year saw the story of  ISIS fighters using beauty as a disguise to try to escape Mosul. I’ve noticed stories about using makeup to elude facial recognition software and on the psychology of changing your hair color. Look at the news and trends in the wider world to see if you can link any of them to beauty.

In this industry, it’s essential to incorporate images and videos into your broader content marketing plan. Along with the value gained by learning beauty tips and techniques, makeup videos and pictures enthrall me with the way a person can transform in a few brushstrokes. Considering the astounding number of views that beauty videos get on YouTube, I’m obviously not the only one who adores them. Depending on your marketing goals, you can create videos for your brand or link to others’ videos.

To sum up, beauty content marketers should focus on learning trends from top influencers and finding ways to link beauty to seemingly unrelated news and industries. It’s a smart idea to hire beauty writers and other professionals who can offer their insider knowledge of the industry’s trends. If you continue to create valuable and shareable content, your brand just might join the ranks of beauty influencers!

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Sharon T has been writing professionally since 2007, satisfying many clients who choose her services time and again for their writing needs. She consistently writes promotional copy, articles, blog posts and other writing types for clients. 

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