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Google’s Micro-Moment: The Mobile Marketing Game-Changer

If you’re interested in growing your business with mobile marketing (and every business owner should be), Google shared exactly how to at this year’s ICON conference hosted by Infusionsoft.

ICON speaker Ben Killmer, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, highlighted some important statistics for business owners on exactly how people use Google services like the Chrome browser and Google search engine and how that impacts your business.

It’s no surprise that mobile usage has taken the world by storm, but you may be surprised by just how dramatic the numbers are:

  • 50% of consumers’ time is spent on digital media
  • In recent years, media consumption has increased 500%
  • Consumers have an average of 3.2 devices per person
  • 15% of all Google searches are unique
  • Time spent per visit has decreased by 18%
  • Conversion rates have increased by 29%

Overall, mobile device usage continues to increase as people transcend the restrictions of desktop.

But what does this mean for your business?

Micro-Moments Are Changing the Game

Mobile marketing strategy: Micro-momentsWe check our phones 150 times per day on average, according to Ben. Combined with tablets, this creates an average of three hours per day spent mobile devices. This increase in mobile usage means consumers tune in and out of digital media at lightning speed. If you can capture their attention, you can boost your business in a big way.

Mobile can no longer be an afterthought – it needs to be at the core of your digital marketing strategy. Start by focusing your mobile strategy on what Google calls micro-moments.

These micro-moments happen when someone checks their mobile device to satisfy a need like:

  • “I need to find a vegan brunch place nearby.”
  • “How do I fix a leaky sink?”
  • “Where should I go on my vacation?

Micro-moments are changing the rules and if you understand how to satisfy them, your business will thrive.

The Five Types of Micro-Moments

Ben broke down micro-moments into five distinct categories:

  1. I want to watch what I’m into
  2. I want to know moments
  3. I want to go moments
  4. I want to do moments
  5. I want to buy moments

At the core of each of micro-moment is a person trying to make the most of their time. Every micro-moment is an opportunity for your business to capture precious attention and convert that visitor into a customer.

So how do you capitalize on this opportunity?

How to Succeed with Micro-Moments

Ben laid out a four-point action plan that any business in any industry can use to succeed with micro-moments.

1. Be there.

To fully leverage the power of micro-moments your business needs to be at the right place online at the right time. Why?

  • 61% of mobile searchers are likely to buy from sites or apps that customize the experience by location
  • 51% have bought from a brand other than the one they originally intended

These numbers paint a picture of ‘being there’ that is a combination remarketing and geo-targeting that puts your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

Get started by asking yourself revealing questions like: What does a user’s mobile journey look like from their micro-moment to their site visit? and What keywords do they search? Then, anticipate the micro-moments for users in your industry and be there when those micro-moments occur.

2. Be useful.

Being at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) isn’t enough to succeed with mobile. Your content must be useful to beat the consumer time-out. 73% of customers say that regular useful information from an advertiser is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.

3. Be quick.

They are called micro-moments for a reason. Mobile users want to know, go, and buy swiftly. They don’t want to and they won’t wait.

  • 40% will abandon a slow retail or travel site in 3 seconds
  • 29% will immediately leave a slow app
  • 1 in 5 will never return to a problematic website
  • 67% will switch apps if there’s too many steps involved

In short, It pays to have a mobile platform that loads quickly. Invest in a speedy, frictionless, mobile-optimized experience.

4. Connect the dots.

According to Ben, mobile calls for an ambitious goal: to actually connect the dots between all screens, channels, and media types. That also means organizing your teams around this new way of thinking.

To rebuild your strategy you need to reframe your measurements. Connect the dots of micro-moments in three ways:

  1. Across screens
  2. Across channels
  3. Across your teams

Doing so will enable you to understand where your customers are coming from. Track as much as you can, and ask customers for what you cannot track.

A Mobile Marketing Strategy to Make It Happen

Ben didn’t leave us hanging at ICON. He laid out a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy built around capitalizing on these micro-moments:

  • Build a mobile site with intuitive navigation and optimized landing pages
  • Turn on ‘click-to-call’ and call tracking
  • Ensure your shopping cart works seamlessly
  • Use a CRM solution like Infusionsoft to track customers and connect the dots
  • Grow your social presence
  • Leverage marketing automation tools
  • Create stellar content that includes choice keywords

This list is the epitome of “easier said than done.” Creating and executing this mobile marketing strategy will take time and money, but doing so can truly grow your business beyond what you thought possible.

Ben closed the session by advising that every business can work with a Google Partner to help them identify opportunities, provide vertical insights, and tailor holistic mobile services.

Make the Most of Micro-Moments

Armed with this new knowledge of the depth and breadth of mobile usage, you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to target prospects and capture leads on their mobile devices who are in desperate need of your answer, service, or product.

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