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“Gig”-a-licious – The Delight of Short-term Professionals

The gig economy is fascinating from many points. It is almost endless and certainly primed to whet the appetites of everyone involved. A recipe, if you will, for success. The Ingredients include the players, the tools, the results – all measured in SERPS, analytics, sales, dwell times, and bounce rates. It is akin to a corporate bake sale. So, what are you serving up, and is it selling?

The Gig-a-Licious Pros

The pros of working with freelancers are many.

World-Wide Talent – One of the best is that you are free of the limitations of a geographic location from which you must pull talent. You are free to search the world over to find the best talent for each of your projects. Diversity is not only delicious, but it helps your content to include aspects of other markets. Those flavors draw in the broader audience, and because we are ultimately talking about selling something, the difference in culture and experience sets your #content apart.

It’s Short-term – Another delicious and outstanding point is that these need not become long-term relationships. Once the project exceeds your expectations, it is over. That fact kills the office drama and empowers you to focus on the results of your project. Without skimping on ingredients, you are saving money by not paying employer taxes, worker’s comp, vacation, etc.

Buy What You Need -The process is à la carte – order what you want without the obligation of having to buy more than you really need. There is a place for full-time employees, but not every project requires a full team of in-house talent. If you use all the same ingredients in your dishes, they all start to taste the same. Mix up the ingredients and enjoy the savory and sweet without the blandness of “ordinary.”

In terms of content, the blandness is what turns off readers. “It is just the same thing every week.” For #SEO, blandness leads to bored readers who bounce quickly, and all of that dissatisfaction shows up in the analytics of your blog or site. What we are talking about is an increase in bounce rate and a decrease in dwell time. It’s like your little restaurant gave someone food poisoning, and now the whole world knows.

#ProfoundTalent – The spice of life should flow through the content that you publish. It is not just browned butter on your steak but a secret ingredient that keeps them coming back to discover something new. Deeper talent does that for you. When you choose a freelance writer that is an expert in “that” topic, they bring to your blog the flavors that ignite the passions of your readers. That is another reason why “gig-a-licious” is so cool. The gig is just one option on your menu. If fact, a menu is just a bunch of gigs with a common theme. That content dream meal is made up of experts across many industries, and each adds just a little dash of interest that keeps a reader reading.

You’ve Got the Million Dollar Idea

A synopsis – or a small fire in your brain – illuminating that idea for your next blog. You’ve got a project, and nobody in-house has the skill – welcome to WriterAccess, where writers and content developers delight in producing designer content that’s akin to dessert for your brain. Maybe it’s “finger food” – little bits that add up to conversions…It’s 100 percent snackable – The easy way you can find a writer with in-depth knowledge of your industry and your buying community. Everything here comes together to form the best content pie around.

The Recipe for Gig-a-licious Content

1. Start with a content goal – One that solves a problem for your readers and leaves them wanting a second slice of pie.

2. Add in a healthy dose of Ideation where the creative approach produces a roux of thoughtful options and topics for this project.

3. The Diners – Who is going to consume this dollop of goodness? When you approach the subject of blogs from the “Pang” points of your buyer personas – then you create a menu of content that they not only need but cannot resist.

4. Flavor it up – By using ingredients that defeat blandness, the readers of your blog move down the buyer’s funnel. You are producing food for thought that leads the reader to a pre-designed destination. It is on par with Edmond’s Turkish Delight. At WriterAccess, we have our version of delightful, flavorful, healthy, and robust.

5. The Hook – It’s that little “bite” that makes them come back again. Good content is not only about satisfying the reader but meeting a goal. That means a crunch Call-to-Action (CTA) that fits not only the content but the reader. Fishing for conversions may leave you without any substance for which you can sell. Reel in those Barn Door Halibut using proper gear – that is a CTA that matches your sales goal and fits your reader’s “pangs.”

6. Variety is the Spice of Life – Eatable content follows the buyer’s journey. It appeases the masses while providing sustenance for those discerning diners who want a little bit more. A good content menu covers the entire buyer’s journey from those who are looking to solve a problem to those who want to make sure what they consume fits their needs, to those who are ready to Buy it Now.

Options for Fixing a Bland Content Library

If your content is bland and your diners are grumbling, WriterAccess has a recipe to quiet those rumbles and fill your “diner.” Check out the amazingly flavorful pantry of talent and find the next short-term relationship that spices up your project and delights your readers. Learn More about the Spice of Good Blogs.


David S. is an experienced writer with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses. He primarily creates SEO and marketing content for regular clients. He writes for web page designers, marketing companies, outdoor living clients, and pest control companies. His private clients include homestead/prepper magazines, marketing agencies, pest control companies, healthcare affiliates, outdoor living and construction companies, and gardening/nursery companies.

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