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Getting Your SEO On: Six Tips that You Absolutely Need to Know


If you’re a multi-million dollar business, then you’ve probably got someone handling all of your online marketing for you. In fact, you probably pay a decent salary for this person’s services. In all actuality, your investment is most likely worth every penny spent. After all, with effective online marketing comes the advantage of boosting your brand awareness and profit levels.

But what about small businesses? Many of them lack the funds to hire a full-time online marketing manager. Fortunately, by following six simple search engine optimization (SEO) tips, any small business can be well on its way to improving its online marketing efforts and attracting customers.

Quit Focusing So Much On Keywords

Instead of stuffing your online content with keywords, focus instead on creating quality content that directly relates to the keyword you want to be ranked for.

You’re Going to Need Quality Links

Off the Internet, if you want to attract customers, you must establish valuable relationships with other businesses and professionals who can direct customers to your store. The same applies online. You need quality links both going out and coming in from reputable sites. Say, for example, that one of your customers has a well-established business. You could switch links to each others’ sites with one another, which will greatly improve the ranking of both of your sites.

Make Sure All Links Are Properly Working

At least once a month, you should check every link within your site to ensure it is working properly. If it’s not, you need to identify the problem and remove the link until the issue is resolved. Broken links will give you poor rankings on search engine results pages.

Always Share Your Content Across a Variety of SEO Platforms

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other various forms of social media, you need to share your content across these platforms on a daily basis. Ask your employees to share the content as well. If you acquire your content through a freelance writing service, you could ask the writer who creates content for you to share the content too.

Use Certain Words in the Photo Captions

Since many online search queries include the word “picture” or “image,” it’s imperative to include these actual words within the ALT descriptions that you include with the images you post. For example, if you post a picture of a 500-calorie meal, make sure to include within the ALT description or caption something similar to “picture of 500-calorie meal.”

On that note, if you include videos, make sure they are relevant to what it is being discussed. If you’re talking about hair dyes, don’t embed videos onto the web page that talk about hair cuts. Instead, you’ll a need a video that is relevant to hair dyes.

Whitney W has been writing since kindergarten, and writing professionally over the past five years. As she continues to progress in her career as a professional content writer, she continually updates herself on the many ways she can be of SEO value to each of her clients.

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