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Freelance Writers Have Wings

Writers with WingsOK I get it. You want to hire writers so they can whiz out their word magic for your business. A bit of visionary verbiage and your marketing campaign, emails, and website will sing like a canary. Why stop there? Why not take full advantage of what writers have to offer? Considering the catalyst in communication that the Internet has provided, you can now hire a writer living in Timbuktu just as easily as you can hire one living in Seattle. Understanding how to apply this delightful tidbit of information is the next step.

Look with Local Eyes

Say you want to research the local people of the town where the next U.S. Presidential candidate resides. How about if you need to learn about the public perception of a nuclear power plant, which is only accessible from visiting an isolated and possibly toxic location? Perhaps you would like to share information regarding school systems in Romania with your colleagues in an effort to market your educational software to this country. Each of these scenarios would greatly benefit from the ability to become a local.

While you can’t feasibly become one with each of the communities you wish to research or learn about, freelance writers can. By utilizing writers who live in specific locales, you can gain entry equal only to those already on the inside. Additionally, you avoid disastrous faux pas that result from not being native to a community. Instead of taking language courses in Mandarin Chinese or a 6-week long cultural immersion experience in Guadalajara, Mexico so you are prepared for travel to another country, you can focus on other more pressing business matters. Consider hiring a freelancer to become your local eyes and ears in order to get the best possible observation and insight.

Staying Grounded

The next time you need to go somewhere to scope out a situation for your business, forgo the travel expenses and hire a freelancer. Say you are looking for data to back your next project, or you need to find ways to connect with a particular region or country. Hire a freelance writer who will do the research for you.

Instead of traveling to, say, Sioux Falls, South Dakota to find out why people there are not receptive to your services, hire a freelancer. A freelance writer can conduct on-the-ground studies ranging from nonparticipant observation to surveys to find out why your business is not working in that area. Using their writing skills, the freelancer can turn the data they’ve gathered into a presentation ready for your next meeting. In the meantime, you can stay busy in your office in, say, Atlanta, Georgia and have that second latte with extra whip since you’ve saved so much money on travel expenses.

Freelance writers work on every continent and in most countries, and you can connect with them thanks to the wondrous World Wide Web. While writing is a writer’s forte, keep in mind that they offer a range of services including research and niche specialization that can benefit your business needs.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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