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Freelance High Tech Bloggers: Advancing Online Communication

There is one thing you can count on as a technical writer or one of many freelance high tech bloggers on the internet. You will never run out of subjects to write about. The high tech world changes every day and people are excited to read about those changes, and how they are personally affect them.

Freelance high tech bloggers keep on top of the latest technology advances and can quickly write about them as more information is released. These bloggers can also relate the technology to people’s lives. Writing about the latest Java script library release may get little attention unless you talk about how this library contains the code to track your car’s location wherever it is.

When you read an article or blog post from someone who has intimate knowledge of the subject, the material flows smoothly from one point to another. It’s obvious to the reader that this person knows what is important about the subject and how to write about it. We are surrounded by technology that we don’t even notice. The knowledgeable writer says “Hey, did you know that you’re probably already using one of these?”

Having a fresh perspective keeps people interested. You can bet that there were dozens of blog posts reviewing the latest iPad release. That’s good because people tend to go to a source with which they are familiar for their news. But when the first articles were published that talked about how the iPad was being assembled in a high-tech city in China, all heads turned to those articles.

A good way to get a feel for the trend in technical blogging is to visit some of the top sites to see what is capturing people’s interest. Top freelance high tech bloggers become that way because of return viewers or being referred to by others that consider the writing highly interesting.

If your interest in technical writing is writing blogs and articles, then WriterAccess is a good place to start. This is a site for online writers where you have the opportunity to hone your skills as you write technical reviews, press releases, blog posts and other web content. It’s also a way to sample various topics as you discover your own particular niche.

As a technical writer, you’ll learn a lot about yourself from your writing activities. You’ll have the chance to dive deeper into topics of interest. Every link you click on as you do your research will uncover new information. It can be like an online treasure hunt finding just the right material!

Mark B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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