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Finding Absolute Top-Tier Writers

When you’re looking for a freelance writer, your choices are nearly limitless. From novice bloggers to world-famous authors, there’s no shortage of people willing to put words onto paper in an organized fashion. Yet how can you find a writer who is truly a masterful wordsmith?

Especially if you’re a CEO, famous chef or celebrity in need of a ghostwriter, the person you hire must be a top-tier professional. For your project to be a success, your writer must possess experience, professionalism and dedication. By exploring these three criteria, you can ensure the writer you hire is the perfect writer for your project.

1. Look for writers with substantial work experience in the field. Anyone can research your industry online. You need someone, though, with real world experience. A writer who’s served time in the kitchen as a chef understands the lingo. With a working knowledge of the industry, he or she will do a better job of telling your story than someone who needs to research every term. With an experienced writer, you confidently receive accurate content instead of regurgitated material from the Web.

2. Vet candidates closely. Just like you and your staff interview your company’s employees, give writing applicants a job interview. First, ask for samples of work the candidate has completed for other clients, website content services or publications. The samples serve as a resume, and they indicate the writer’s style, tone and grammar. Use them to determine if the candidate is a good fit to capture your voice.

Next, ask for references. The best candidate can meet deadlines, return your phone calls or emails quickly, commit to regular online or in person meetings and handle revision requests.

Third, understand that you will pay more for a top-tier writer. Novice or cutthroat writers may complete your project for less pay, but the results may be inferior. If you want quality content, be prepared to pay for it. The finished project, completed by a professional, is worth the investment.

3. Focus on long-term dedication and reliability, and build a relationship. After you find the writer who meets your needs, cultivate a relationship that encourages him or her to persevere to the end. Remember that writers who feel appreciated tend to do a better job. Keep communication lines open, answer questions and provide feedback. Although your ghostwriter remains anonymous to your audience, you should have a rapport with him or her.

Because you’ll be working with your writer from the project’s start to finish, take your time and hire the best writer for your project. Both you and the top tier writer you hire want the relationship to be a success. As you work together, you can achieve any writing goal you want, whether that’s the next great American novel or the bestselling cookbook on the market.

Jennifer T is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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