Measuring Content Performance Across Multiple Channels

Is multichannel marketing the key to a successful campaign? Or is it a waste of time and effort? If you don’t have an answer then chances are your content marketing effects are hit and miss, because you don’t have a way fine tune them. Content performance is how you know what works and what is […]

The Worst They Can Do Is Say No

As a freelance writer, you have more to your job than just putting words on the page—a big part of your day is often spent making connections with new customers. This means that as a writer, you spend more time than many people do learning how to “sell yourself.” If you are not thick skinned, […]

How to Take a Working Vacation and Live to Tell About It

It’s summertime, the kids are clamoring to go to Disney World or their favorite camping park, and your significant other is giving you dirty looks every day. No matter how many deadlines you have, it’s time to take a summer vacation. Even the best content writer needs a break now and then to prevent a […]

Keep a Daily Work Schedule? But I’m a Freelancer!

You all know the stereotype of the freelance writer: tapping away on a laptop in a hammock while island breezes caress your toes, then taking the rest of the day off after working your fingers to the bone for two hours. But the reality is that you’re more likely to live where the breezes bring […]

Writing Colourful English

If you are a writer, anything you can do to improve your writing will give you opportunity for more jobs—increasing your income. One way to become the best content writer possible is to expand your ability to create content for those in countries other than your own. While you may never learn enough to be […]

The Writer Abides: Dealing with Doofuses and Distractions on the Daily

Every job has its own share of doofuses and distractions. However, for writers who are a breed all of their own, these dilemmas can break a person. No matter how calm you are, it often takes much more than a White Russian to get through some of the issues even the best content writer deals […]

How to Spot True Genius in Content Writing

Adding content regularly to a website is a key part of maintaining your search engine ranking. However, not all businesses have the time or skill to make that happen. Enter the freelance writer. These talented minds pick up the slack by supplying a never-ending flow of words. The problem is, calling yourself a freelance writer […]

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt

Ordinary working stiffs have many things that freelance writers do not, but the most prominent asset that regular Joes take for granted is the support systems in their offices. If a 9-to-5’er has a bad day or if he or she is under the gun, there are co-workers and superiors to help them move past […]

The Life of a Freelance Article Writer

Ah, the Good Life. La Dolce Vita. What are the days of the modern freelancer like? Fast times, indeed. Two martini lunches? You better believe it. Jet setting to Barbados to do some onsite reporting for that latest travel article: Limin’ & Barbadian Nightlife: Three Things You Need to Know. Absolutely. There are wild shindigs […]

America’s Next Top Content Writer

It’s easy enough to dash off an accurate description of a mattress company, or a blog post about top kitchen gifts. But how many people can really make those articles stand out as something you want to read, something that grabs your attention and gets you hooked? The best content writer is the one who […]

Why Hiring a Web Content Writer is Critical for Professionals

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, dentists and more are all generally considered experts in their respective fields. However, this does not mean that they are experts in writing content for their professional websites. With an increase in clients discovering the professionals of whom they choose to work with, search engine optimization is critical. This is when […]