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Expand Your Horizons: Write for MOOCs


As professional writers searching for better ways to manage content creation, such as press release writing, we are always on the hunt for training. One of the most successful places that writers can go to learn about a new topic or to expand their content offerings is to a MOOC, aka Massive Open Online Course. The latest, and somewhat controversial, outlet for educators and students alike, MOOCs provide writers with the opportunity to learn more about all things literary, i.e. the English language, poetry, social media and online marketing. Best of all, the majority of these courses are self-motivated and, wait for it, wait for it, free.

But did you know that you can also write a MOOC course? You can and you should. Here’s why:

Why Make a MOOC of Yourself

Creating a MOOC course gives back to a writer two-fold. First of all, if you are creating a course, the hope is that you are an expert, or quasi-expert, in the topic you are MOOC-ing about. For many writers, niches are a big deal. For example, perhaps you are an expert writer in all things HVAC, or you have discovered a revolutionary way to market your web-based portfolio. By making a MOOC of one of your skill sets, you can show off what you know. This can become a great advantage when searching for clients in your niche market. Want to show off your expertise? Present your client with an opportunity to audit your MOOC.

MOOC production isn’t only for selfish reasons. Giving back to others by sharing your writing knowledge can be the greatest gift of all. After all, many, many studies have shown that selfless giving brings us happiness and good spirits. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you helped a future JK Rowling or Stephen King to establish their worth so that they can spread happiness to millions through their writing.

Of course, it would be great if your own writing would someday do that too. By developing MOOCs about your writing craft and toolbox, you increase your skills by further researching, applying, and teaching your trade. This is real, and it’s known as the Protégé Effect, according to Time.

Where To MOOC It for All It’s Worth

Most MOOCs are college-bound, meaning you would have to be a professor at some level in order to teach a MOOC through a university. But not all MOOCs are built this way. If you want to teach your craft to others MOOC-style, check out:

Each of these programs vary according to how much they cost, as well as how much you can charge for students taking your course. By the way, haven’t I mentioned that you can make money from your MOOCs?

Miranda B is wholly intrigued by the possibility of creating online MOOCs related to her passions and niches, which range from sociology to librarians. Yet she spends most of her free time exploring existing MOOCs that tickle her fancy.

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Freelancer Miranda B

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