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Evergreen Content: A Powerful Tool for Freelancers and Content Marketers

In the Internet age, we often think that only the newest, most cutting-edge stories will resonate with our readers. We’re wrong.

Contexts and technology change, but as humans, our problems, concerns, and interests have been remarkably consistent over time. Additionally, life has a certain rhythm. We all see promise in the beginning of a new year, experience a burst of energy with the coming of spring, and desire to show our families our love as gather for holidays—whatever ever they may be.

Why Evergreen Content?
In the publishing world, these timeless subjects are known as “evergreen” topics, and they are gold. Editors love them because they always hook readers. Skillful freelance writers love them because they can leverage these topics into writing capable of engaging readers for years to come. Back in the days when print reigned supreme, that kind of staying-power was desirable because many freelancers used resale rights to supplement their income. Today, evergreen content is even more important. A well-written, properly optimized piece of evergreen SEO copywriting can generate greater long-tail revenue and business benefits than just about any other kind of writing.

Finding Evergreen Subjects
While evergreen subjects may be freelancers’ equivalent of buried treasure, writers do not need a treasure map to find them. The truth is that these topics are all around us. If you are have teens, you know there’s a market for advice that can help moms and dad navigate the treacherous waters of parenting young adults. Ever hosted a dinner party? If so, you know there’s a need for inexpensive, fun ideas for entertaining guests.

As you search for evergreen content ideas, look carefully at your own life and the lives of your friends. If you see a reoccurring them, latch on to it. It’s an evergreen idea. Take a look at the calendar as well. What holidays, festivals, or anniversaries are coming up? Start pitching ideas on these topics about six months before they roll around. If you are really stuck, consider that anything that addresses humanity’s need for wealth, love, power, growth, or security is always a good bet from an evergreen perspective.

The key to handling these always-interesting topics is to find a fresh approach and offer unique solutions. Do that consistently, and a steady stream of sales won’t be far behind.

SEO Benefits of Evergreen Topics
Of course, freelance writers are not the only people who can benefit evergreen subjects. If you have a website or blog, including timeless topics in the context of your niche is an excellent formula for drawing visitors.

Because these topics touch on common human needs and desires, they tend to be loaded with valuable SEO keywords. As a result, these articles can greatly increase your visibility in search engines and get readers off your front page and deeply into your site. That’s important because the power of copy to do anything online from generating advertising revenue to securing affiliate sales depends upon it showing up in readers’ browsers. By extending the longevity of your content, you increase its ability to help you succeed. For this reason, engaging freelance writers to infuse your site with a little evergreen power can be a great investment.

Matthew R is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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