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Earn Extra Money Writing with Paralegal Experience


When you decide to go from the working world of 9-5 to freelance, know that you have joined the ranks of true believers in the art of working for yourself. It’s super simple to work as a freelancer, as long as you mull over your skills and have enough lollipops on your desk. Establish a work plan, know your skills, and streamline your work flow in order to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Make a Plan that Puts a Gleam in Your Eye

Your business plan (yes, writing online is a business) should include the hours you will spend working, where you will be writing, what equipment you’ll have available to you, and the types of content you are capable of writing. Know what you want to earn per hour and then find the work that allows you to earn at or near your goal.

Avoid Time-Sucking Behaviors

As you get started writing, understand that your skills as a legal writer aren’t put to good use if you are sitting on writer forums instead of actually writing. That new game you found on Facebook also doesn’t count as productive time spent writing. Instead of arguing with people and trying to convince them that you have a real job (even if you are currently wearing your pajamas), write instead.

Be Thankful for the Attorney Boss that Made You Work Hard

If you were a paralegal for a demanding boss, then you have learned a lot about some aspect of the legal system. Whether you can write separation agreements in your sleep, or if you learned the entire process of how to buy a home, the information you learned is now valuable to you in freelance legal writing. Finding the right niche within the online content writing world is essential, and the ability to write legal content is desireable.

Niche Identified, Now Where’s the Work?

Once you have determined what categories you are best suited for, it’s time to find work. There are many content writing sites available online. Some are bid for work sites, while others allow you to post any articles you want up for sale. It’s also possible to set up your own website as a content writer and seek out private clients. However you choose to try and find content, try to avoid making less an hour than you would at minimum wage. Working for peanuts undermines the process of buying and selling content online.

Melissa N is a photographer, writer and mother, writing content to purchase equipment for her expensive camera habit.

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