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Don’t Make These Five Blog Faux Pas!

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Using a blog is a tried-and-true method of increasing your search engine optimization, drawing clients in, and potentially increasing your sales. That’s why this method is one of the most popular forms of content marketing. Unfortunately though, many business owners make mistakes when writing and posting blogs to their websites. Here are five of the most common faux pas that are committed and why these are mistakes that you should be sure to avoid with your website.

1. Using Re-Spun Content

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to blogs is using re-spun content. There are tools online that you can input someone else’s blog or article into, and it will give you a spun article. Likewise, you can take someone else’s blog and highlight the same points and features of their posts.

Both of these should be avoided.

Try to come up with unique elements for your content that really appeal to your demographic and client. Unique ideas help you to rank higher and provide your reader with information that they are not finding on hundreds of other blogs.

2. Posting Poorly Written or Boring Blogs

The second most common mistake that business owners can make is writing boring blogs or posting poorly written content. When you post a blog to your website, you want your readers to connect with it. Ensuring your words have pizzazz helps your company stand out.

If your blog is boring, or the reader cannot connect to it because it is poorly written, people are going to turn away from your message, which eliminates the whole point of posting it.

3. Irregularly Updating Your Blog

It is highly recommended that you add new information to your blog frequently. Regularly posting to your pages helps to ensure that readers are constantly coming back to your site to read new information; this process can also help with your search engine optimization.

When you irregularly update your blog, readers stop looking at your brand as an authority in your industry. Additionally, search engines are not getting new content to crawl, which isn’t helping your ranking.

4. Loading Your Blog With Too Many Keywords

Keywords use to be important when writing blogs. Once upon a time, it was okay to include excessive keywords to help with search engine ranking. However, this is not the case any longer. There is nothing wrong with adding in a few keywords naturally.

Stuffing your blog with keywords, or using keywords in an unnatural manner, is not going to help you these days. In fact, it can actually hurt you and cause penalties with the search engines. Use keywords sparingly and ensure they fit into your content naturally.

5. Losing Sight of Your Targeted Audience

The last mistake you can make when writing blogs is losing sight of your target audience. When you are writing posts, you want to ensure you are writing for your company’s readers. If your target demographic is the 20-to-30 age range, you don’t want to include references to bands that were around in the ’60s or ’70s. Your demographic may not understand it.

Likewise, if your target audience includes people who are retired, using slang that teenagers use probably won’t appeal to them. Always gear your blogs to the audience that you are writing for.


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Carrie C. specializes in legal, fashion, parenting and home and garden topics. However, she is a very versatile writer. In her ten years of writing experience, she has written about a wide array of topics. If it can be researched, she can write it. As a mother, many of Carrie’s interests revolve around her son. She enjoys watching him play sports, helping in his classroom and engaging in fun activities together. Outside of this, Carrie enjoys dining out, traveling and spending time with her friends.

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