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Do I Really Have to Optimize My Facebook Page?

112792843When you read the title, you might have groaned. It can be exhausting enough to worry about optimizing your website without worrying about Facebook. When you think about a global content delivery network, however, you want to make sure that the tools you have in place help you get your content in front of the right people. A well optimized Facebook site can help you do that.

Google has actually been indexing social media pages like Facebook for a long time, which is why some companies manage to have their social media pages show up on the first page of search results, right along with their company website. Having your social pages rank well can help improve your brand reputation by helping you appear more established and interested in building relationships with your customers. Fortunately, optimizing a Facebook page does not have to be excessively complicated or take up too much time.

Title and URL optimization

These are two of the most important SEO factors on social pages. Once your page gets at least 25 likes, you can create a custom URL for your Facebook page, so take advantage of it. URLs matter to search engines, so make sure you wisely select a URL that accurately reflects your business. Use your company name, if possible, or at least describe what your business does.

When it comes to your page title, you want to focus on accurately emphasizing the value of your business. The beginning of the title is given the most weight by Google, so pay attention.

Fill out the profile

Many companies using Facebook are interested in attracting a local audience. This makes it particularly critical to add the address and phone number of the business.

All companies should also make sure that they fill out their entire profile completely. When writing about the company, add in potential industry keywords and demonstrate the value you offer your customers, similar to how you write on your website. Keywords are particularly important in the following sections:

  • About
  • Mission
  • Company Description

These are the sections that the search engines will pay close attention to when determining the value and purpose of your business.

Pay attention to your postings

On Facebook, your meta description is generally derived from the first sentence or so of a status update, so watch your wording.

The content of your posts also has value. Images, posts that ask questions, and posts that use hashtags tend to attract more attention. The more attention your posts attract, the higher your engagement will be. As your engagement increases, your SEO will improve. Similar rules apply to your regular website: as people pay attention to what you have to say, the search engine assumes that you know your industry. On Facebook, as your engagement improves, you also improve your odds of showing up in people’s newsfeeds, which can then improve your engagement even more.

Use Facebook as a great way to broadcast your high value blog posts and deliver your content in front of your intended audience. When you pay attention to how your site is set up and what you post, you can improve your SEO. This will help take your Facebook from being just another requirement of doing business in the digital world and help transform it into an asset that can help boost your brand reputation.

Jessica B spends her days writing content for her customers and laughing with her children. She loves learning about the latest in marketing and how it intersects with her background in psychology.

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