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Creating a Hive Mind: Steps for Choosing the Right Writer

Hive MindFreelance writers are similar to snowflakes. No two writers are alike in how they do their craft. Business owners can navigate the freelance writing market effectively when they make it a goal to hire article writers who are most compatible with their needs.

How do you choose the right freelance writer for your business? It starts with going beyond simply glancing at a resume and making a quick hire.

Examine Writing Personality

Every experienced freelance writer will have a porfolio filled with an abundance of clips showcasing their work. How do you sift through the volume of clips? Look behind the words to find their personality. Examine how a writer approaches their topic. Discern their style from words and phrases they use. This will help you select a writer who closely matches the voice you want for your brand.

Define Your Expectations

It does not help to hire a writer if you are not really sure what you need in the first place. Many people make a grocery list before they go to the supermarket. The same principle applies to finding the right freelance writer for your business. Define your expectations. Do you need copy to inform customers about a new product or service? Is a writer necessary to promote your business in a new market? Knowing your needs ahead of time can help you make a better hiring decision.

Find a Collaborator

There never should be a master/servant relationship between a business owner and freelance writer. They are partners in growing a business. Find a writer who can act as a sounding board. Bounce ideas off of them and solicit feedback. Sometimes, it helps to have another set of eyes and ears to see if a certain content strategy will work of if it needs to be tweaked to better reach the intended audience.

Set a Clear Budget

Money should always be a consideration in hiring decisions. Getting quality writing means paying a quality price for a quality writer. Plan a budget that takes into consideration what you need in terms of blog content. Factoring in the time it takes to write a post is only the beginning. You also need to account for the time and cost of inserting images, hyperlinks, videos, audio, graphics and other elements that will enhance the post. This will help you hire a writer who is best qualified to do all these things.

Plan for Growth

Growth is any business owner’s ultimate goal. You want to expand into new markets, offer new products and connect with new customers. Growing is made easier when you keep the same writers along for the ride. Choose a writer who has the right skill set to grow with you. They can be on the ground floor and have a better understanding of your needs from the start. Growing with the same writer makes it easier to stay on the same page with your content strategy as growth takes hold.

John C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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