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Cooking up the Perfect Piece


As a freelance writer, using a number of techniques to provide the perfect piece is like making up a good recipe. You need the right ingredients, spices, pot, and voila! You’ve created a masterpiece. Freelance writers know and understand the level of engagement that must be present in each line they write. It’s not an overnight process – even the best bakers and cooks in the world have practiced for countless hours until they got it right.

Thinking of your writing as a recipe destined for greatness can make all the difference. The ingredients you use can make your piece bland, but certain spices can add color, flavor, and imagination. Organizing each element to blend at the right time takes precision and technique. That’s how your piece should be – beginning with a well-defined topic, then filled with an engaging introduction, a body of beautiful words, and a strong conclusion to pull it all together.

Your sources, information and details should add variety, while the utensils you use help mold and shape your document into its final stages before presentation. In this case, think of your utensils as paper, pencil, and a computer to grind your story into perfect form. Cooking and writing should be done in environments that give you inspiration and meaning. You can’t properly prepare foods without a counter or prep table and you can’t do your work without the right lighting, tabletop, or space that will promote productivity.

Many people say variety is the spice of life. In writing, consider variety the basis for your work. A delicious piece of writing should pack a punch with a smorgasbord of inventive and colorful words. Dare to be different, using synonyms and adjectives that add the right tone to your writing. Be enthusiastic and inventive – the best recipes come from confidence and curiosity.

As a freelance writer, you’re free to do what you enjoy – it’s your passion. For bakers and cooks, it’s no different. Amazingly, correlating the two can help you put your writing into perspective to create a menu of different delights for every palate. Every specialty you have should be viewed as a new recipe to add to your repertoire. Add a fine wine, which could be compared to an intriguing and fascinating explanation of any topic you’re given and you’ve unlocked the best aroma in town.

Writers and cooks are the same – both hold the key to enticing their patrons or clients and when they’ve cooked up the perfect piece, these clients will always come back for more.

Allaire W is a freelance content marketing writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can frequently find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in flour or cake batter.

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Freelancer Allaire W

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