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Conventions, Community Events and Carnivals–Getting Your Name Out There

As a small business owner, you are probably always looking for ways to get your name out there. While the new approach to marketing and brand building may have you build a website, hire a freelance writer to create SEO content, and create social media profiles, sometimes getting your name out there is more easily accomplished using “old school” methods. One of the best ways to reach real clients is by participating in real events. Some of the best ways to do this is by attending conventions, community events and carnivals. Learn more about these ways to build connections both locally and around the world!


No matter what line of business you are in, there is a good chance there is a convention devoted to your industry or at least a related field. Conventions are great because they allow you to make business connections, find new vendors and put your name out there.

However, most of the people you meet and deal with will also be involved in the business, so there may not be as many marketing opportunities as there are in other events. Conventions offer the best benefits for growing businesses that need connections as much as they need customers.

Community Events

Community events are a broad range of activities in which you can participate. This may include things such as school functions, charity works and sporting events. These events allow you to build connections in a non-pushy way. You are able to show a more human side of your company when you attend these events. Quite often, these events are well worth your time and the small expense that are associated with attending them.

One caveat is that you do not want to stretch yourself too thin. Especially if you start getting involved in charity events, it is easy to be pulled into more events or wind up donating more than you originally intended to donate.


Carnivals, fairs, festivals and any events like this offer many opportunities for businesses. Most of these events offer commercial areas where businesspeople can set up booths and market a business or organization. Since you have to pay for your booth space (usually) this may or may not be an economical way to reach a bigger audience. But, in many cases you can reach potential customers that you would not otherwise have the chance to meet.

When you are trying to market your business there are plenty of options out there. Don’t get caught up in trying to stay modern by pushing away these classic ideas. Make connections with potential customers, clients, vendors and supporters by spending some time at various events. The results are often well worth the effort.

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