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Content Marketing Strategies with Stephanie Diamond

Content creation took off like a rocket with the rise of Internet marketing. The number of blogs, web pages, white papers and articles surged as businesses leveraged this new route for raising their visibility online and communicating with customers.

The next wave of content creation is measuring performance. Stephanie Diamond helps companies take a good look at the content that they’ve created to find out whether it’s doing what they want it to do.

Have you created a business asset or a liability?

What Stephanie hopes to hear is that you have created an asset. She also wants you to discover how to analyze content for marketing purposes. “Once [companies] start developing this content they will see that it’s an asset, a data asset. And once you build an asset like that you have to analyze it to continue to grow the data,” she said.

As the author of Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies, Stephanie is an expert on content analysis and content marketing strategies. An early marketing director for AOL and the founder of Digital Media Works, Inc., Stephanie has experience and insight into content marketing strategies. She shares that knowledge to stimulate your business’s ability to reach customers online.

“Things change constantly on the Internet and you have to be aware of this and willing to analyze your strategy constantly,” she said.

In this podcast, Stephanie explores the current state of content marketing strategies and goes into depth regarding the application of neuroscience. Did you know that you could effectively connect with readers using their emotional impulses? Stephanie takes a look at the science backing this method, while providing applicable advice for using neuroscience with your content creation.

Podcast highlights include:

  • What does a content marketing strategist do?
  • What is the 5-C Strategy?
  • Where can a content marketing strategist learn the practice?
  • What are the biggest issues facing content marketing strategists?
  • How can you apply the findings of neuroscience to content analysis?

“These days when you can measure and analysis anything, the important thing to do as you’re working is to see what’s happening. Look at your analytics and see what’s engaging your customers,” she advises.

Whether you are dealing with thousands of pages of existing content or you are just starting out in the content development world, Stephanie Diamond will get you moving toward a productive future. Take a few moments to listen to this illuminating podcast with WriterAccess CEO Byron White.

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