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Keep Content Marketing Merry for the Holidays and Beyond

Yeah, it’s been a rough year. But the good news: it’s nearly over.

And the even better news: we have a sleigh-full of content marketing ideas designed to keep spirits high while delighting your readers, customers, and dedicated employees.

Enjoy a few content creation ideas below to engage your fans and deliver on your content performance goals this season, and beyond!

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1. Highlight Industry Thought Leader Input on 2021

Survey lots of thought leaders in your industry and ask them what they learned from 2020, and what they are planning for 2021. Roll up the answers in a nifty guide that may send the social sparks flying, helping you become the thought leader of thought leaders (kind of like having a Santa Claus for Santa Claus, yes?).

2. Spice up Your Content with Holiday Metaphors and Analogies

Bundle up a bunch of metaphors and/or analogies that writers can weave into descriptions of your products, services, or special holiday offers. Go wild. Have fun. Heck, make them rhyme.

Rudolph’s nose is red and bright, but our crimson sweater brings more delight.

3. Ugly Christmas Sweaters (and Beautiful Memories) of 2020

Want quick Google hits? About 350,000 people search for “ugly sweaters” every December, according to Keywords Everywhere. Give them what they’re looking for, with a photo-rich blog featuring ugly Christmas sweaters. Get really creative and pair them with beautiful memories to neutralize the negativity and gain a laugh. Take the time to research and reflect upon positive moments over the past year to give your readers a refreshing break.

4. The Official Holiday Naughty or Nice List

Create a witty list of actions in 2020 designed to clarify which actions make the naughty or nice list this year. Use the list to promo your products or services:

Naughty List

  • Littering
  • Posting mean things on social media
  • Not placing an order for great content with WriterAccess

Nice List

  • Recycling anything, anytime
  • Posting truly inspirational things on social media
  • Placing an order for great content with WriterAccess

5. Help the Unemployed

Make it a mission to help the unemployed get the training, development, mentoring, advice, connections, and/or support they need to rejoin the workforce, perhaps in your industry with your help along the way.

Feel free to snag any of these ideas and run with them. That’s what we’re here for. To help you craft the best content marketing plan for 2021 and beyond.

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