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Why Content Is the Best Investment for Your Clients

Content is king, and for good reason: Of all the different digital marketing methods out there, it’s the most reliable with the surest methods for determining how good the return on investment (ROI) is. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional sales-y outbound marketing methods and generates three times the typical returns from those methods, or greater.

For agencies looking to get results for their clients, content is definitely the way to go. Solid content marketing moves aren’t solely about ROI or latching onto search traffic at the right times. It’s also incredibly cost effective compared to other types of digital marketing, which will leave your clients impressed with what you accomplished with the budget they allocated to you. Here’s why.

Why Content Marketing Produces Great Results

Content fleshes out a company’s brand voice and aids in accomplishing their marketing goals. This is true whether it’s a furniture store trying to get people to visit a retail location or a nonprofit looking to get donations or volunteers. By using various factors like demographics, markets, and buyer personas, a brand voice and message can be developed and evolved over time.

Quality content can establish a consulting firm as a thought leader in their industry or turn a trendy clothing brand into a viral sensation. The reason for this is that people don’t like the feeling that they’re being sold to. Ads do just that! Even if they’re memorable ads and seen often, content is going to get more results. If that blog post or video is genuinely helpful, entertaining, or interesting without making the audience feel bombarded by a sales pitch, your clients will see far more traction.

Content Is Eternal As Long As It’s Hosted

On the more practical standpoint of how far you’re stretching the client’s budget, content gets the most enviable ROI based on the simple fact that it lasts forever. Ads are meant to be short-lived and stop running once you stop paying for them. Social media is pretty transitory as well, while content is shareable and searchable for the long haul. Prospective customers can still find your client’s blog post years later, as long as it’s still up.

Even content that’s out-of-date still retains value if it ranked very high in search engines and still does. The same can’t be said of other types of marketing. There’s content that needs to be put out constantly, content that is refreshed over time, and evergreen content that rarely or never has to be updated. This means content can work well on its own or in conjunction with other types of marketing. Given that content can be utilized on other platforms aside from the client’s website, this makes it an especially important investment.

In trying to provide the most value for your clients, agencies definitely need to prioritize content marketing. Ad placement works well for time-sensitive campaigns and launches, and social media demonstrates how the brand interacts with the public. But it’s ultimately quality content that gets shared and ranks high in search engines that produces results clients will notice and appreciate.

Rachel P. is a 6-star writer and 4-star content strategist specializing in game developers, tech start-ups, and tax professionals and their unique content marketing and strategy needs. She created the first content strategy course and wrote the first tax law book just for indie developers, demonstrating her dedication to professional development for interactive entertainment professionals and free agents. Rachel can be found at punk shows or communing with amphibians on the shores of the Bronx River.

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