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Companies That Add to Green Living Have an Edge

Green CompaniesMore customers are looking for ways to live green than you might think. Depending on your product or service, you could be helping these customers live greener and be getting an edge on the competition as well. It takes good copy, a focus on sustainability, and a good business writer who can make sure your copy reflects the needs of customers wanting to live green.

According to an October 2010 Harris poll, more than 90% of Americans are recycling. 73% pay bills online to save paper. 53% have taken steps to live more sustainably, in addition to recycling, and more are interested, but don’t know how.

If your products or services lend themselves to sustainable living, you could be providing some of the education Americans are looking for. They clearly want to live that way and likely would if they felt supported in doing so. You, as a green business owner, could be that supporter and that educator.

Good marketing materials always educate, and good business writers know how to produce such materials. They just need to know you want to emphasize green living, in order to write that way for you. So tell them.

What is green living? I met three young Hispanic women hiking today, who were discussing green practices related to water. One wanted to reduce her water bill. Another wanted tips on changing her refrigerator water filter. The third was announcing she’d bought her first tap water filter.

All of these women are learning to live sustainably and talking about it. Your customers talk about it too. Are they referring to your products and services in the process? Here are some of the ways (that might relate to you) in which people can live more sustainably:

  • Combining errands and walking more to save gas, reduce carbon output, and save wear and tear on the car. Do you sell vehicle filters and fluids, or do car maintenance? Your materials could encourage customers to take this step for sustainability.
  • Reduce utility use. Are you a landscaper, or do you sell landscape supplies of any sort? Do you sell water-efficient or energy efficient appliances or fixtures? Be sure to let customers know how purchasing from you helps them save on utilities.
  • Ride motorcycles or bicycles. Do you sell motorcycles, bicycles, or any equipment that goes with them? Book bags that could carry groceries on a bike? Rain gear, Kevlar gloves, cell phone holders?
  • Buy locally produced food or goods. Are you a local small business? Advertise yourself as such! 49% of Americans are looking for you.

Advertising any of your products that help customers cut down on utilities, reduce paper production, replace plastics with alternatives, that last longer or can be reused for other purposes, all of this is fair game for emphasizing and teaching about green living. Let people know you can help them live green and you’ll see your business expand.

Susette H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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