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Blogging is a very rewarding task. For some people, blogging is an important outlet for socialization and information sharing, while for SEO blog writers, blogging is a way to boost traffic to a website or connect with potential customers. No matter your reason for blogging, one of the most rewarding outcomes from a blog post is to log in and find you have an abundance of comments on your latest post. Regular bloggers utilize certain strategies to increase the number of comments they receive—you can learn from these strategies and boost your “comment love” from visitors, fans and potential customers. Consider how you can implement these five simple tips that nearly guarantee an increase on your blog comments.

  • Make it Easy – This sounds simple, but you would be amazed how many blogs put such detailed anti-spam measures into place that it is hard for a would-be commenter to actually post. While you do not want to encourage comment spammers, it is important to find a happy medium. If you have the ability to log in to your blog regularly, you may wish to loosen your commenting standards and simply remove spam comments manually.
  • Ask for Comments – Another tip that sounds basic, but makes a big impact, is asking your readers to comment. Adding a simple call to action asking for comments at the end of your post will encourage readers to go ahead and respond on your blog.
  • Utilize Social Media – Social media works hand in hand with your blog. While you can post on social media to increase blog readership, there are other uses too. Depending on how your blog is set up, you may be able to allow commenting through a social media account. This makes it simple for readers to comment and encourages interaction.
  • Become Involved – The “blogosphere” is a tightknit community. If you visit other related blogs and comment, you are likely to inspire those bloggers to do the same. Additionally, if you regularly respond to the comments on your own blog, those commenters are more likely to come back and comment in the future.
  • Take a Clear Stance – When posting a blog, do not be afraid to share your opinion. Whether it is popular or not, by clearly stating your stance, you encourage people to comment. Those who disagree will be eager to tell you you’re “wrong,” while those who agree will appreciate the opportunity to add a “me too” post.

You do not want to write simply to gain comments; however, using these simple tips will encourage more back and forth communication after you have posted. Blogging is extremely rewarding, and even more so when you create a dialogue with your readers. Find new ways to connect with your visitors and you will find that they are extremely eager to comment away!

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