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CMC Interview Series: Dennis Yu


[00:00:08] Fantastic.

[00:00:10] Hi everyone I’m here with Dennis. Dennis welcome. Welcome. Great. It’s great to see you. And thank you so much for being part of this. You took on an arduous task of a day long workshop like three days ago.

[00:00:23] How was that. How was I know you do workshops mammoth workshops on Facebook. How was that experience for you. How was the crowd at CMC is here gives you give us your thoughts on the virus.

[00:00:33] I’ll protect you always give us a great crowd and in one day is actually nothing if you came to any of our workshops from before is literally a whole week Can you imagine like 40 hours with me and some of our instructors is like going to one of these Tony Robbins events right full day can’t even get up and go pee. But yeah thankfully we had a lunch break. We had a couple afternoon breaks.

[00:00:52] I heard however that in your class you said hey guys should we make break for lunch. And they’re like No let’s just let’s just go out let’s go get our lunches and bring it back and work. So that’s it. That’s a good sign. He did a great job. Now tell us a little bit what’s new and what’s going on with Facebook. You are probably one of the world renowned experts and have been at the Facebook headquarters before and they pick your brain on what’s new and what’s next and what your thoughts are I’m sure but what do you think is going on with Facebook. Let’s take a little turmoil over there potentially. But where do you think they land where were they going to settle. Do you think.

[00:01:23] Well Facebook is now a five hundred two billion dollar company. Wow well that’s crazy. They’re not a startup anymore. They’re now a utility. So if you think about the water utilities or the electric utilities in your town do you really think of that as being cool and sexy. But it’s something you have. It’s something you have to have. You can’t not have it. And because Facebook has all this audience and now everyone is their advertising. And that’s where all the traffic is. You have to do things in a way that stand out above the noise. And what we learned a couple of days ago is the power of the one minute video. and the one minute video boosted for one dollar a day is how you’re going to be able to connect with your customers at scale. It doesn’t matter whether you’re B2B you do Legion you’re your restaurant owner you’re a stand up comedian your insurance broker you and I we connect personally and all of us that are business owners or directors of marketing know that we have to build those micro connections with our different customer segments not because of these broad personas of Sally who’s 42 and drives a BMW but lots and lots of little micro segments which means we need hundreds of one minute videos to be able to personalize against each of these particular segments. The modern marketers are so overwhelmed by tools and confusion and things moving so fast. How did they go about getting hundreds of pieces of content produced every month every year and be able to tune that.

[00:02:46] How did they go about doing that. And that means a complete shift in the way that you used to market where you would have one main TV commercial. You have three or four landing pages maybe you have one hundred keywords. Now you need a thousand videos and the way to do that is you equip your staff you equip people that are customers of yours you equip partners to be able to collect those videos holding the phone like this. So that’s a vertical video interviews just like this. Not things that are commercial in landscape not immediate calls to action but building lightweight touches. And as we learned here at the Content Marketing Conference humor is an important part of capturing people’s attention as they’re scrolling. Do you know how far the average person scrolls on Facebook per day. You are going to tell me. a quarter mile a quarter mile. Actually it is Facebook alone. Just walking with your fingers scrolling Facebook alone is one hundred meters per day for the average user. Wow. Add an Instagram. added Messenger and WhatsApp ad and all the other stuff that Facebook owns Facebook has for the top 10 apps in the App Store. You know that that’s a quarter mile right. If people are scrolling a quarter mile they’re scrolling one point four times faster on mobile than they are on desktop.

[00:04:01] Here’s a question for you. You know how do you know how many times people touch their phone every day.

[00:04:06] It’s got to be something crazy like a thousand one twenty six hundred times. That’s not. Twenty six hundred times. Perhaps both of these concepts can cause collide. I mean it’s can be too much. But let’s talk about the one minute concept.

[00:04:21] So we’ve learned a lot in this conference actually where the tail end of the conference which is very exciting we’ve got Don Macmillan coming up a comedian very cool. We’re all exhausted but here you and I are finding our way to to muster up the energy. But it’s probably because it’s just so exciting. And if we think about evolving I mean I can’t wait to get back to the office and put this stuff to work. Same with the people that attended all of your conferences. But at the end of the day we do know that quality in the end of the day will probably rule. Can you do meaningful things what is the purpose of these one minute videos. I know you’re a big evangelist by the way of senior bocce balls. Yeah juggling act. You know it’s I get the importance of it but it’s got to be quality right. Or does it have is consistency what you’re trying to build upon. Publishing consistently staying with a game maybe it’s a 1 minute video once a week you know or maybe you’re just not a good video creator so you don’t want to pump out garbage you know and hope that it will help you because it might actually hurt you.

[00:05:22] That’s the fear. But where do you get the ideas Dennis where do you come up with the concepts for great content and what is the purpose of it. That’s my question is it to connect and engage and show you’re consistent and alive you know or is it to educate and entertain. We saw a great video for example of fit the 15 second cooking cooking guy did you remember that. Deborah chew on that. So I think he’s in San Francisco. It’s got no no Denmark actually any you know is not doing well trying to sell fish and he created a 15 second little video on how to cook scallops in like 15 seconds boom boom boom boom. People went crazy over it and he became a celebrity on 15 seconds but he did it consistently. Is that what you’re talking about what’s the purpose of of this communication using Facebook as your channel. It’s all of those thing. Yeah. So what’s your favorite drink. Probably a seven year old along right about now. So Sauvignon Blanc and then what’s something else that you like to drink.

[00:06:23] Water. Water. And maybe something else. sparkling water. OK so imagine you took Sauvignon Blanc and you took sparkling water or diet coke more milk and you bought all of it in one glass. Would that be the ultimate drink. Probably not now. And so when you create micro pieces of content each one serves a different purpose and we think about the three layers of the funnel which Facebook and Google both call awareness consideration and conversion. There’s certain things you’re gonna do to show that you’re human to build relationships just like if you were to date right. There’s certain things you would say to warm people up before you get on your knees and say you know what you would marry me. So there’s top of funnel content just just to show who you are as a person because that’s how we all relate in real life. Why would you be any different then there is how content where you’re sharing your expertise. So how do you create a video. How do you. Do electronic sewers. I don’t like whatever it is like whatever expertise you have.

[00:07:18] Sewers. I don’t know. I made that conference.

[00:07:21] I made that up and then there’s the what. Which is how we’re able to sell. You have to earn the right to sell. So if someone watches 10 seconds of this one video 10 seconds of this other video because you can re market and then re market from here into your product or service. This will work. And even the driest of industries. Last night we hung out with the lady who’s in charge of the water system in Denver and in Colorado all the different reservoirs and I thought how boring is that that’s a utility. When she talked about how their engineers that test for water quality that have made these amazing videos that are not just for other water engineers. And so when you sequence these things down it’s like that Japanese pachinko thing where the where the ball comes and hits the little. Yeah. Hint It goes all the way down into a slot down here. So you have awareness to consideration to conversion and you have lots of little one minute videos here. Lots of little one videos and we find on Facebook which is true on YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and your website and your email copy is one in 10 pieces of content will win. So if you want. So we have something we call the greatest hits which is your 9 best piece of content 3 at each stage of the funnel.

[00:08:24] I wish everyone had nine best pieces of content that were really high quality but how many pieces of content do you need to make.

[00:08:31] So that you eventually find a winner. I see. Yeah. And do you think that just because you put out say 5 or 6 little 1 minute videos. do you think you can identify which ones are going to win.

[00:08:42] So is it like our friend mutual friend Larry Kim’s unicorn concept. Yeah. If you pump out a bunch of wine monitors you see what sticks and learn from that. Like oh I didn’t know Byron likes bocce ball so let’s not let’s give Barney a lot of bocce balls. Yeah.

[00:08:56] See I was juggling bocce balls and these things are heavy. I’m I was the best part though. Just like regular juggling. No. Well first of all is he going to drop it on his foot and break his foot. But. how long I can juggle watermelons I’m drawn into Whole Foods turn cantaloupes. And right now you’re in good shape that.

[00:09:13] That’s what I learned about you. So. But anyway.

[00:09:16] But you know you might think you have a winner right. And we see this all the time especially me. There’s a concept called dunning kruger if you look it up it’ll change your mind or change your world if you don’t know what Dunning Kruger is and we’ll look at seven or eight creatives and we’ll say you know what this one is gonna win. And these other ones suck and we’re always wrong every time. Right. That’s why I gotta produce lots of pieces of content with the customer not you but with customers with employees and what you find especially with Facebook is that the customer is doing the work for you. So if you if you have the might if you understand that they’re doing the work for you. How does that change things.

[00:09:51] Yeah I’m sure the few people that have gathered we just probably can’t take any more knowledge or information or are learning we just need to laugh. But I wanted to at least get some film with you and great to be here with you. We did some great interviews this weekend. Thanks for coming with us. Thanks very much.

[00:10:05] Now Mike my final question for you is how did you go to Harvard. I went to Harvard yesterday this afternoon. Yes. Yes. That was our punch line. That’s the only comedy we have. Yes I went to Harvard. Where did you go to Harvard. Earlier today. I’m going to the Boston airport tomorrow. Great. Thanks again for beginning. Pleasure. Read on. Thanks everybody.

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