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Christmas in July

christmadHow far in advance do you begin putting together your content marketing calendar? Some organizations may plan a month or two in advance, which is usually sufficient, but there is one particular time of the year that you should begin planning MUCH earlier. Here is a hint: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

When you are drinking Pina Coladas by the pool and grilling burgers with your friends and family, the last thing on your mind is likely your holiday web content. However, smart business owners know that the holidays are so important to your bottom line that planning what you will post now just makes sense. Consider these three things you can do NOW—to save yourself time and prepare your site for holiday success.

Think About Enlisting Help

If your holiday content plans are grandiose, now is the time to think about how you will get everything done. Start working with a freelance writer, social media specialist or SEO guru today. Then, you will not find yourself scrambling to find someone at the holidays when it can be harder to find someone with time in their schedule to meet your needs.

Organize your Social Media Posting

If you use a social media scheduling tool, like Hoot Suite, you can start planning your social media posts today. Beginning months ahead means that you may only have to devote a few minutes here or there, instead of making the process into a complicated matter that takes up the better part of a day. You can always add in some timely posts by hand later.

Publish Evergreen Holiday Content Early

While some of your holiday content is likely to be time-sensitive, like information about your sales and new products, other content may be evergreen. If you are posting general holiday articles or anything evergreen in nature, you might want to go ahead and publish those items now. This will allow these items to gain traction on social media and through the search engines—ideally getting them even more exposure when the holidays hit. You can always wait to promote them heavily once the holiday season arrives.

As you can see, holiday content planning is a big deal. Step away from the hot dogs and ice cream for just a bit and start thinking chestnuts roasting on an open fire—the results will pay off when the temperature drops and the jingle bells start rocking!

Writer Bio: Tracy S is a full-time writer specializing in the home improvement field. She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and she don’t play around with the Funky Cold Medina.

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