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Choosing a Content Marketing Agency: 5 Things Businesses Should Consider

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Mainstream marketing budgets are growing, encompassing the world of content marketing. Rather than hiring individual freelancers — or using in-house resources — decision makers are employing content marketing agencies to turn the gears.

A lot of outsourcing solutions exist, today, but not all are created equal. If you want to invest in a content marketing agency, you’d better do it the right way.

Below, we’re covering the five things businesses need to consider when choosing a content marketing agency. Let’s check them out.

1. Account and Project Management

Because content marketing has become titanic, streamlined services are invaluable. Sure, you could invest in an agency with loose deadlines, flexible timeframes and creative freedom — but why waste time?

Look for a provider with up-front costs, account management and project management options. An agency with smart, independent and experienced content creators thrives. More importantly, it’s reliable.

2. Retention

Does the content marketing agency have a good reputation? Who are its clients? Find the clients who aren’t listed as references, and dig deep into the details.

Low-end content mills don’t reveal much, client-wise, but an agency worth your time will.

Companies are ditching age-old content solutions for good reason: Successful content marketing, now, relies on high quality—not keyword-stuffed copy.

3. Niche Talent

A content marketing agency which packs jack-of-all-trades creators won’t cut it. Again, you need high quality solutions. 2017 isn’t the year for nebulous skill sets.

From here on out, businesses are competing with content crafted by industry experts. For this reason, any content marketing agency will have collected today’s finest talent, ranging across a broad — but specific — industry spectrum.

4. Peer Recommendations

An agency in motion stays in motion. In the rotating-door world of content marketing, agencies packing a solid network thrive and survive. Don’t invest in a lesser-known agency — and don’t double down on obscure providers.

Look for peer recommendations. Look for online reviews. Look for anything which displays accountability.

A highly visible, transparent and highly-rated content marketing agency might suggest a lacking niche skill pool, but it’s certainly a more valuable investment than an industry newcomer.

5. Analytics

While content marketing analytics is mostly done on the business’s end, a content marketing agency capable of pinpointing growing industries, new trends and market movements is both reliable and valuable.

Sadly, many of today’s content marketing agencies fail in directing their talent.

Yes, you’ll still need to navigate the rough waters of Internet marketing. Assuming you’ve picked a good content marketing agency, however, you’ll always have a guide.


Take your time, and study your options. Every content marketing agency is different, and every provider carries unique specializations.

Above all, look for sustainability. Like other competitive environments, content marketing is always changing. To stay ahead, you need to be informed.

Pick a partner agency, look up its reviews, and invest in a provider capable of withstanding the test of time. If need be, contact the agency’s leadership team. Who knows? You might get an inside scoop.

Robert G is a freelance business and marketing writer with WriterAccess. 

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