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Chomp Down 24 Grammar Tools in One Quick Bite

We all like to get our grammar right when writing. So it makes sense to employ grammar tools including software and apps. These tools help keep our copy clean and our writing lean and free of costly mistakes. After all, we writers are humans, too. With the following tools, you can learn how to improve grammar mistakes and tighten up that language.

Key for Grammar Tools

Here is a key to use for this quick list of grammar tools:

  • Pricing is either $0 (free) or $$ (for a fee)
  • The type of the program is an app, extension, WordPress plugin, online, and/or software

Now, here is a list of all of the useful grammar tools I was able to scrounge up online. There are others that almost made the cut, but after some scrutiny, I decided writers would be better without them. One turned out to be a college essay writing service, which is an ethical concern for professional writers. The following grammar editing services have all been vetted and writing pro approved:

Should You Pay or Should You Not

So what is the difference between the $0 and the $$ programs? All of the free programs are online text boxes you paste your text and scan for grammar mistakes. Most likely these services are using these text boxes to capture your language data to be mined for some other service in the future.

Data is, after all, the most valuable asset on the planet. However, they are not legally allowed to steal your content to reuse, so you can safely use these sites to scan your grammar.

As for the paid-for grammar programs, these including ProWritingAid are specifying that your writing is never accessed without permission. If you are concerned about your content being accessed by the grammar tool provider, on behalf of your writing clients, check the fine print before choosing a service.

Value Added Writing Services

The biggest difference here is in the value-added features. For example, two of the programs—AutoCrit and ProWritingAid—also edit manuscripts. With ProWritingAid, you are provided with a writing mentor of sorts. Want to know another place where you can find a writing mentor? Right here at WriterAccess, the leader in writing tools and resources.



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