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Can You Hear Me Now? New Ways to Amplify Content in 2015

75939843So you have been in the content game a while, and you feel like you are finally getting a grip on how to market your small business in the internet landscape. Then, wham! Another new content marketing term keeps turning up in the chatter. Amplification. Do you amplify? No we are not talking about what you do with old Bon Jovi songs.

Amplification is the next step in the content creation process. If the first step is creating the content, the next step is sending that content out into the world through as many channels as possible. And boy are there a lot of channels and new ones popping up. The big guys (Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter) are there, and you already know what they can provide for you, so we will not go down that rabbit hole. To take amplification to the next step you must look beyond the big guys to some of the new and a bit more exciting channels that are available.


Taboola is not a social media platform, it is a discovery and content recommendation platform that helps businesses and organizations connect. Taboola has been called a reverse search engine because rather than you searching for information, information searches for you based on what you are reading. Taboola is beneficial in two ways. One you can find great information that could be relevant for your own audience, and secondly when you share content through Taboola it is going to get shared by others increasing the scope of your reach.


This is where small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers hang out to share content, connect and drive relevant traffic back to their sites. It operates largely like social media, but with a sole focus on marketing and branding. This site is growing in popularity because it has the familiar feel of social media with the productivity of something much better.

LinkedIn Publisher

This great new feature on LinkedIn will be rolling out soon for all users. LinkedIn has been a standard networking tool for a while, but now with the new Publisher feature users can create original content published across the networks to help educate, brand and drive traffic back to their site. Like with other amplification channels you can’t be promised that every single member will see your posts, however, LinkedIn does share the top published posts on LinkedIn Pulse which will greatly increase your visibility.

Explore B2B

This is a unique type of platform in that they allow members to create and share business related content and then they share it via their extensive social media presence. This social media presence includes 800,000 followers and twenty three Twitter accounts. This is a paid service which costs $12 per month with a thirty day free trial.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but just a few amplification channels that are growing in popularity for 2015. You can continue your amplification research by looking for content syndication companies as well as content recommendation companies.

Sarah R is a full time writer and a full time homeschooler of four. She would like to be a part time lazy person eventually.

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