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Can Publishing an eBook Book Help Your Bottom Line?

eBookPublishing informational ebooks is a great marketing technique that works your marketing information into the factual information that the book is about. Like a much longer version of an email newsletter, it lures customers in with its free or inexpensive information and gives them your marketing message while they’re there. A freelance tech writer can create that ebook so that you can give it away on your website, sell it as a Kindle book or sell it on multiple sites at the same time.

The Excitement of Free Information

With the enormous amount of money spent on ebooks, seeing that an ebook is free can make people excited enough to jump on the opportunity. Many people snag free ebooks simply because they are free, but many others may be interested in a topic and unwilling to pay for the information. Those are the customers who are most likely to read the ebook and use the information.

Selling the Information

While a lot of companies give away a marketing ebook on their websites, you don’t have to give it away for free. If you don’t get much traffic on your website yet, or what you are marketing isn’t centered on a website, you can put the ebook up for sale on a site like Amazon or Lulu. An inexpensive ebook is more likely to sell well, and it puts your information into the hands of more potential customers. The income that you make from the book isn’t your primary goal, but it does make for a nice stream of extra income.

What Can It Do?

Once you hire a writer to create your book, what instructions do you give your writer? Creating a simple ebook about the topic won’t get your message across. What you need is a delicate balance between information and marketing. A book that markets your company won’t be of interest to anyone but you. It won’t get downloaded even if it’s free. An ebook that covers the topic in a comprehensive way is one that will be downloaded by many people. The book has to be heavy on information and light on marketing.

Once the informational framework is there, your writer can weave in subtle marketing messages that point to your products or services as the solutions to common problems. Once the reader trusts that the information in the book is correct and trustworthy, the reader will also trust the recommendations in it. With your ebook, your bottom line goes up as you make more sales, and you become an authority on the topic itself.

Lizz S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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