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Building Digital With SEO Mortar: Filling Niches

computerYou feel like you’ve got a rhythm down with SEO – blog posts on the regular, social media posts like clockwork from your blog writing service. Your customers know what to expect and when to expect it, and you aren’t doing too shabby with your keyword placement. When examining your conversion stats though, you can’t help but wonder – are you doing everything you can to get keywords in relevant places? If your main focus is on “traditional” copy placements like landing pages and blog posts, you’re probably missing a few great opportunities to work in keywords.

Where There’s Text, There’s Fire

Consider anywhere that text appears on any web-based properties your brand operates as kindling. SEO is about more than blocks of text on your pages – while product descriptions, blogs and news posts may be the heart of your content strategy, you also need to take a critical eye to anywhere else your business and your message intersect. Your social media posts are a rich ground for planting SEO, as are “necessary” pages, such as order instructions and explanations and even 404 pages! Not only do these areas give you additional ground to build SEO frameworks on, they are a valuable chance to truly personalize your customer-facing experience. The one exception to this rule would be the actual phrasing of any legal notices you have on the site, especially if you had an outside source prepare them – leave those intact for liability’s sake, but the rest is fair game for your blog writing service to build on.

Link The Right Phrases

Even in your existing copy, there are opportunities to expand your SEO reach. Go through your current library of blog posts and other content from the last six months and assign each a concept or central theme related to what it discusses. Topics – healthcare, online shopping discounts, squirrels – are great, as are formats like “how to” and “news stories.” Once you have these tags compiled, start interlinking! Use SEO-attractive phrases to anchor the links, even if you need to insert a little text here or there to make it fit well. A months-old article on how to groom a dog can get an infusion of new hits if a line about applying flea and tick care afterwards is linked to a new article you wrote last week on the subject.

Your copy is a resource, and that means you need to squeeze every last drop of usefulness out of it to ensure great ROI from your blog writing service. Don’t be afraid to add, expand and mine old content for new life – it will save you time, effort and maybe even a little bit of sanity along the way.

Writer Bio: Delany M is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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