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Building a Happy Social Media Family

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When it comes to social media, a small group of loyal followers is always better than hundreds of followers who could care less about who you are. However, your customers won’t give you their loyalty just because you asked nicely or because they purchased a product they liked from you. Rather, building up your social media family is a lot like building a real family: You have to work hard to give your followers a great reason to care! Here are a few tips that will help you create a thriving community around your brand.

Skip the Sales Pitch

Everyone has that aunt or uncle who, in the spirit of entrepreneurialism, is always involved in the latest cottage industry, door-to-door sales fad or pyramid scheme. What your dear relatives don’t realize is that the family reunion is not a recruiting ground for their next Tupperware party.

Social media works in the same way. Your followers aren’t following you because they want you to advertise at them. In fact, if you pitch with every post, you probably won’t have followers for long. The key to social media marketing is to make sure that you’re posting content that your followers care about – something that is interesting, engaging and shareable. If you’re having trouble developing content that strikes a chord among your social media family, that’s where content agencies come in. Consider outsourcing the ideation and content writing to build a library of content that your following will love!

Be a Person

The idea of a big business with no discernable face behind the logo is somewhat off-putting to most people, and many find it downright intimidating. Your social media family will love it if you treat them like what they are: real human beings. So post about the coffee you’re drinking or keep an eye out for easy solutions to your followers’ problems, even if they’re not related to the product you’re selling. Humanizing your brand gives it character, which gives your likability an instant boost.

Build a Team

If you’re looking to create a local following, the best way to do it is to team up with another local business. Let’s say you’re a greenhouse and you create a joint social media campaign with the lumberyard down the street. Ask your followers to post pictures of the grape arbors, garden art or whatever else they’ve created using products from both you and the lumberyard. You’ll get a few bonus points – and maybe even a few more followers – if you pair the campaign with a contest. Consider free giveaways for the best pictures, or at the very least, in-store discounts.

Not only does this give your followers a great reason to interact with you on social media, but it also shows them that your brand isn’t just some mindless corporation. Instead, it tells everyone that you’re a team player and that you’re part of a community. Your followers will feel a greater sense of loyalty and they’ll be more inclined to trust you.

Building a happy social media family is easier than, say, preventing the inevitable political debate at the next family gathering. Treat your followers the way you’d like to be treated and they’ll repay you with shares, likes, +1s, retweets and more!

Specializing in construction, home improvement and green topics, Amber K enjoys helping her clients create fun, shareable content.

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