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Home Living Content Marketing Insights by Sandy B

Are you looking for content ideas for home living? Perhaps you have a blog or website that hasn’t been updated in a few weeks (or longer) and you’re ready to create some attention-grabbing, shareable content. Take a look at the home living industry today to get some ideas for your content. What’s changing? What’s new or interesting? What would you like to read about?

Topics to Get You Started

When it comes to content marketing, having the most interesting topic wins. In the way of home living content writing, it’s essential to monitor for seasonal changes and changing consumer habits. Here’s a comprehensive list to update you on what’s happening in the industry. Use these blog topics for home living to launch your next piece – or find the freelancer to do it for you. Which of these topics will get the most shares on your social media posts?

#1: Growing Senior Trends

Baby boomers are staying in their homes longer. According to the California Association of Realtors, there’s less supply on the market because seniors are staying home longer. Over 70 percent of people over the age of 55 are still living at home, not in assisted living centers. As a result, they need a home that’s designed to accommodate their unique needs.

A key topic within the home living industry is making homes more accessible and safer for seniors. This may mean redesigning living spaces to keep all necessary amenities on a single floor. It could mean eliminating obstacles to getting into and out of the home.

#2: Investing Heavily in Outdoor Spaces

Consumers are spending more to create outdoor spaces that they truly love. It’s no longer just a patio or deck. Fire pits, luxurious entertainment spaces, outdoor stone fireplaces, and lush gardens are becoming more popular than ever.

This push comes, in part, from the desire for consumers to have more family experiences at home instead of spending money on going out to dinner. The green push in the country is also encouraging people to pay closer attention to their own personal outdoor space. Focus on simple ways to create such spaces in your next blog post.

#3: All-natural, Healthy Furnishings Are Trending

Instead of just looking at what home furnishings look like in today’s home living trends, focus your next blog post on what the furniture is made of. There’s a growing trend to use more natural and organic materials in spaces.

The use of utilitarian materials is one area here. It’s all about natural kinds of cotton, reclaimed wood, and a more basic product rather than luxurious leathers or blends. Create a stunning visual representation for your next website piece that showcases how your clients can transform their home to save the environment and to protect their health.

#4: The Latest Color Trends for the Fall

Creating a color trend how-to guide is a fantastic idea for home living content marketing.  Next season will be all about softer colors, like mint green or dusty blue.  Write a blog post that shows just how easy it is to transform a home with the right types of materials in these colors.

#5: Defined Spaces Create Space

Seniors aren’t the only people staying at home longer–millennials are, too!  A report from the U.S. Census Bureau posted on The Hill shows that 34% of people age 18 to 34 are living at home with their parents.

What does this mean for home living?  Creating an individualized space, like an extension, is a great idea for people living with Millennials.  Suggest adding in another outdoor access point or transforming a garage into a living space to give them the freedom to come and go as they please.

#6: Local Sourcing of Home Furnishings Is In

It’s become far more common for homeowners to want items that represent their local communities in their homes. That’s not just a logo-trend. Rather, it’s clear that representing local companies and supporting the little guy matters.

Create some content for your home living blog that outlines how to source local materials. Whether in local art shops or Etsy-inspired crafters, the key here is to focus on materials that are crafted locally.

#7: The “Rounded” Furniture Look

More furniture than ever is cutting off the corners. That is, a trend in home furnishings is getting rid of those hard edges by rounding them off with softer lines and using circular dimensions. Create a how-to piece about getting rid of sharp, harsh lines in a space to create a more inviting home, or a post about choosing furniture based on lines.

#8: Sophistication in Design, with a Softer Side

Sophistication is a very important element of design, but you can forget about the use of traditional straight edges and bright colors. Instead, think softer sophistication. Look for lighter colors (as we’ve noted) but also soft materials, more relaxing environments, and relaxing tones. Create content that teaches your readers how to create a soft, but modern space–that’s a unique piece in itself!

When it comes to content marketing in the home living industry, people are looking for how-to information. They want to know how to update their home, pull off a color scheme, and make a space that’s welcoming for them and their families. Create blog posts and website content that showcase the latest trends in a realistic manner. Home living is always changing, which makes it very easy to create new content. The only problem you may run into is figuring out what to write first!

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Sandy B offers in-depth content in numerous subjects including finance, health, insurance, investment planning, legal, healthy living, offline and online marketing and other many other avenues. She also loves researching and doesn’t think any topic is too far out of range.


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