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Beyond Facebook: Other Social Media Sites that Work for Small Businesses


There are more than 400 social media sites on the web today. Many of these work well for small, niche businesses that can get lost on mega-sites like Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook’s more than one billion registered users and Twitter’s more than 500 million users are compelling, there are many, many more sites to consider. Targeting your social media marketing to a smaller site will reach fewer people, but, unlike with Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know that the people who read your message have at least some interest in your industry. Below are just a few sites to consider:

1. Sites for publishers and booksellers. If your company publishes, writes or sells books, there are a number of good social media sites where you can interact with your customers. Goodreads and The Library Thing both give members the opportunity to review books, share their favorites and get recommendations of new books to read. As a publisher or author, you can host a Q&A on these sites in real time, host virtual book parties and send email messages about new releases to past customers.

2. Social media for “crafty” companies. If you manufacture or sell a product that appeals to home sewing, knitting or craft enthusiasts, you need to be active on Pinterest. This fast-growing virtual bulletin board has grown to have more than 70 million registered users in just four years, the vast majority of them women between ages 30 and 50. In addition to Pinterest, you can promote craft products on Revelry, a sewing and knitting site, and We Heart It, an image-based site for inspirational and creative ideas.

3. Sites for musicians, recording studios and music stores. Music-related businesses will also find a number of social media niche sites. Among these are for independent music lovers, MOG and

4. Other ideas. Of course, books, crafts and music aren’t the only niche categories for social media sites. There are sites for travel enthusiasts, the LGBT community, human resource professionals, gamers, those interested in genealogy and many, many other categories.

No matter what content delivery system you use, social media belongs in every company’s marketing plan. However, before you run to post on Facebook and Twitter, take a few moments to learn about the many other social media sites that may just be a better fit for your business.

Sandy M has been writing web articles, blogs, social media posts and ebooks for more than a decade. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she dabbles in Internet marketing and writing mystery novels. A bit of a social media junkie, she has profiles on more than 20 social media sites.

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