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Beyond Bathrobes and Chocolate: Recovering After A Breakup With Your Writer


They were the one and you were going to be together forever. Now they are gone and you just want to sit on the couch in your bathrobe, watch Nicholas Sparks movies, eat a vat of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and listen to Adele on repeat until your neighbors call the cops.

Oh, wait. You didn’t break up with the love of your life, just your freelance writer. Well, that’s almost the same thing.

When you have been in a long-term, committed relationship with writer, a spilt can be heartbreaking. But, just like in romance, you have to get back in the game, eventually. Here’s how to recover and find content love again:

Avoid Rebounds

No one ever settles down with the guy they pick up at the bar on their first post-breakup girl’s night out. A rebound sounds like a good idea, but that’s just your sequined miniskirt and the cosmos talking.

While your blog or website might need content quickly, if you ask out the first writer that catches your eye, you may end up disappointed. Rebounding with a freelancer that doesn’t fit your style will dilute the quality you have worked so hard to build. Instead of jumping back on the horse too soon, take the time to look for a wordsmith that really understands your needs. Think of content service writer portfolios like dating site profiles. Look them over carefully and find someone you really click with before striking up a conversation.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Maybe you hated that he left his wet towels on the floor or maybe he couldn’t stand your friends. Maybe you hated that your writer couldn’t meet your deadlines or maybe he felt your compensation wasn’t adequate.

Every high profile breakup is billed as a mutual decision, but there’s always something going on under the surface. Examining what really happened and taking action can pave the way to a more solid relationship, next time.

Just as in love, communication, money, and time are the culprits behind the end of many writing relationships. Think about the feedback given, the typical deadlines for assignments, and whether or not your pay matched the requirements. If you aren’t sure why the relationship ended, don’t be afraid to ask.

Let’s Just Be Friends

Ah, the gentle brush-off at the end of many a wayward love affair. In a romantic relationship, it’s sometimes code for, “I never want to see you again.” But it might be possible to restructure a writing relationship into something more casual.

If your writer can’t commit to all the content you need, but you still love their style, it could be time to see other people by bringing in additional voices. While monogamy has its advantages, working with a variety of authors helps prevent writer burnout and lets you feature tones that appeal to a wider variety of readers.

If it truly is time to part ways, do it on a positive note by asking for a recommendation for a new writer or leaving a favorable review. After all, you never know when you will bump into your ex again.

Michelle S is in committed relationships with her husband of 11 years and many clients in the fashion and travel industries. She doesn’t care for Nicholas Sparks or Adele, but she is a big fan of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

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