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Best of Comedy Writer Blog Club: Using Humor in Content Marketing

We’re ringing in the new year with a look back on some of our favorite Comedy Writer Blog Club posts of 2018. What’s great about these posts is that they’re still fresh and funny in 2019! That means you can use their insights to make your marketing content more effective in the year ahead.

This roundup provides tons of ideas for using different types of comedic writing techniques–not to be used all at once, unless you’re extraordinarily crafty. Pick your favorite flavor of comedy, or whatever’s on-brand, and enjoy!

screwball comedy marketing content
Using Screwball Comedy to Make Your Marketing Content More Effective

Channel your inner Rodney Dangerfield or Lucille Ball when creating your next piece of content. Really. It might help make your offerings more relatable and effective.

deadpan humor content marketing
Bueller, Bueller…When to use Deadpan Humor in Content Marketing to Delight Readers

Pulling off effective deadpan humor in your written content can be a challenge, but all the more reason to try, right?

Irony Content Marketing
Using Irony to Make Your Marketing Content Humorous

Alanis Morissette jokes aside, irony can get your customers thinking in new ways about your brand—and if it gets a few laughs, great! Here’s where you’ll learn how to make your irony purposeful and fun…don’t ya think?

Satire Parody Brand Humorous
Using Satire and Parody to Make Your Content Humorous

Face it: it’s really fun to make fun of stuff—and it can be highly effective (when used correctly) in marketing.

Highbrow Humor Brand
Grey Poupon? Making Highbrow Humor Work for Your Brand

Well, well, well. Some of us have highly sophisticated senses of humor, and only the very best will do. If elegance and intelligence rise above bawdy and sophomoric, at least for your brand, this is the comedy-in-content article for you.

Dark Comedy Content Marketing
Schadenfreude: Using Dark Comedy to Make a Point

Now things are going to get really shady. Well, not really. But sometimes, you’ve got to twist things into odd shapes to get people’s attention and spark some uncomfortable laughs. If it’s right for your target audience, we say, “go for it” as long as you keep these insights in the back of your mind.

Maria Bamford and the Lessons of Dark Comedy

Can’t get enough dark comedy? Here’s another one for you.

“Key & Peele”: Sketch Comedy With Social Commentary

Of course, Key and Peele may be your brand’s style…

british humor
Acerbic Wit: What You Can Learn From ‘Dry British Humor’

You’ll enjoy this post at teatime. Or maybe not, if you’re not a fan of Earl Grey. Maybe dry British vermouth is more your style? Either way, nibble on a tiny sandwich and see why this post is one of our favourites.

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