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Best of Comedy Writer Blog Club: Finding the Funny in Generational Marketing

Finding Funny Generational Marketing

We’re ringing in the new year with a look back on some of our favorite Comedy Writer Blog Club posts of 2018. What’s great about these posts is that they’re still fresh and funny in 2019! That means you can use their insights to make your marketing content more effective in the year ahead.

This roundup treats you to insights on using humor in your generational marketing–an area where it’s almost too easy to come off as offensive and non-relatable. Whether you (or your target customer) are a Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial, or Gen Zer…these posts are sure to delight and inspire.

baby boomer consumer funny
3 Characters That Every Baby Boomer Consumer Finds Funny

Ahhh. Appealing to the Boomer audience. Where to begin? If you’re looking for a humorous way into their minds and hearts, don’t miss this post for some fresh ideas. And a few laughs.


Gen X Consumer Funny
5 Things That Every Gen-X Consumer Finds Funny

If you’re looking for ways to humorously inspire your Gen-X audience, pull on your parachute pants and laugh your way through this post. At least it’ll give you a break from reading about Boomers and Millennials, right?


Millennial consumer funny
5 Things That Every Millennial Consumer Finds Funny

You’ve gotta check out the article for all the insights, but for starters, there’s nothing like making fun of “Boomer values” to get the laughs started. At least when it comes to marketing tactics.


Door to door sales
Door to Door Sales & Other Things that Don’t Work on Millennials

The millennials just can’t get a break! That’s kind of the point of this article, though. Approach them in ways that actually earn their trust and get them to want to engage with your brand. This post sets you in the right (digital) direction.

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