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Balancing Life and Content Writing

Working two jobs is not that unusual for some people, especially for a freelance writer. If you are looking to hire a content writer, freelancers understand your need for the successful completion of an assignment. However, many writers hold down full-time jobs and work freelance on the side. Many content writers with second jobs find it hard to successfully complete assignments by a deadline and still manage their other responsibilities.

Work-life balancing is not a new concept and in today’s economy, it is sometimes a necessary part of making ends meet. Working two jobs takes time and commitment in order to be successful. Make sure you have what it takes to be successful before you embark on the responsibility of a dual-job lifestyle.

Time Management

Freelance writers are dependent on the quality and individual performance of their own work. It determines whether they will have a job tomorrow, next week or next month. Clients, in turn, also depend on superior quality and should demand it from their writers. When content writers have a second job or a busy daily schedule, time management can be a big part of whether you are successful as a writer and whether your client is happy.

There is no distinction between work life and home life as a freelance writer – your work life is your home life. Walking away and turning your attention to a second job requires sharp time management skills and forethought. Working as a content writer for several years, I recently returned to my roots as a newspaper journalist a couple of days a week. Not because I needed the money, but because I love the work and it was available.

I quickly discovered that my freelance career would suffer without carefully scheduling my deadlines and the risk of losing valuable clients was not in my game plan. Accept an assignment only when you have enough time to complete it. Those for whom you are writing will appreciate it. My life has been enriched with the knowledge that one job can be a respite from the other, however, working two jobs is not for everyone. It simply won’t work at every stage of life.

Choosing when to step into a second job is definitely a matter of timing. I am never sure how to answer people when asked about what I do – whether I am a content writer, newspaper journalist, reporter or online blogger. Whichever it is on the particular day that I am asked is the answer that I give.

Also realizing that being a workaholic will not improve my bottom-line of productivity keeps me alert to the fact that leisure time is a valuable and necessary commodity. Sometimes knowing when to take time off to enjoy life is the key to a new perspective. The old saying, “Timing is everything” is true, especially when balancing two jobs and finding time to enjoy life. It is also key to creating some great writing and some happy clients.

RHONDA D is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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