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Are You Cut Out for Marketing Positions?

team“I am a writer.” In the past that phrase meant only a few things to me. You are a novelist, poet, non-fiction writer or journalist. Since venturing into the world of content writing I’ve learned that there are many, many other jobs that writers handle. Due to the changing nature of marketing and advertising, there are many jobs open to writers today that in the past either simply did not exist or were held by advertising specialists. Despite the fact that “marketing” is not your niche, you might be surprised to learn that most content writers are very well qualified for many marketing positions.

Social Media Manager

This is one of those jobs that simply did not exist several years ago. Social media is now one of the most important marketing strategies that both large and small businesses utilize in order to better brand themselves and bring in new business. The social media pages that are operated by companies work through a huge amount of content each month including comments and feedback.

Businesses are now hiring social media managers to control their social media presence, deal with comments, create luring, actionable posts and drive the advertising vehicle that is social media. Content writers are great for this position because they know how to create a powerful messages with just a few words, and they are already familiar with how to work crucial keywords and linking into messages for powerful branding. Content writers are also quick with research and collecting relevant information. This is what businesses want on their social media pages; relevant fast paced information.

Advertising Copywriters

In the past copywriters were on staff employees with a single company that handled all of the written work that a business needed generated. However, with the increased accessibility of remote work, more and more companies are finding it more cost effective to hire freelancers to meet their copy writing needs. Freelance copywriting positions can be advertised as both a regular business job listing and/or a freelancing opportunity.

Content Curator

A content curator differs from a content writer in that often a curator is hired by a specific company to collect, organize, and publish content relevant to their company’s brand and message. Content writers are often a good fit for this position if they have been in the game for a while, have possible experience in editing, and have a strong understanding of what is sharable and clickable in today’s internet landscape. Content curator positions are often listed as a regular business job listing rather than a freelancing opportunity.

Content Marketing

Many businesses simply do not want to deal with their own content marketing and all that it entails today. For this reason a great content writer could land this position if they have a good understanding of SEO, what drives web traffic, the ability to create and curate powerful actionable content and an ability to operate on tight deadlines.

Sarah R is a full time writer and full time homeschooler of four. She would like to be a part time lazy person one day.

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