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Are You Connecting Your Blog and Email Campaigns?

connectingemailtoblogMany companies have a blog and many companies have an e-newsletter of some sort, but few pair these to complement one another well. Here’s hoping your campaigns can work hand-in-hand.

Small Business Marketing Tips for Avoiding the Obvious

I really hate getting an email that includes a blog post, don’t you? It is especially annoying if you sign up for a newsletter and then get plagued about the article you just read. Unfortunately, companies often do one of two things: they either ignore the blog completely and create a separate email campaign or they spend all of their time on the bog post and then plop it in an email (or three) to make sure it is used to the fullest extent.

But, content shouldn’t be so obvious. If you are going to promote a blog post – which is a great idea – your advertising should go hand-in-hand, not mimic it. Your social media posts might include a quote, but you can also take the opportunity here to provide additional complementary information. Don’t get lazy or it will show. Laziness will tank your engagement levels.

Including Visual Aides

Your content needs to focus on visual aids that will help your audience be engaged. As you write your blog post or new product description, focus on what the customer is going to see first. How will the appearance of your article impact them? Now, translate that into an email that is just as impactful and alluring. You may use the same images to help keep cohesion.

Creating Cohesion Between Campaigns and Content

Whether you are luring new leads in through your emails or getting people to sign up from your content page, you need cohesion. People don’t want to be surprised with content disconnect. You have to consider what users will see if they read a great blog post and then sign up for your email list – will that first message supplement their experience or just reiterate it? In the same way, once you have users on your list, will your emails intrigue them to click-through or satisfy them in the email alone? Be careful not to make your users feel forced, but engaged. They aren’t clicking on your content because you tricked them into being too curious not to – they are clicking-through because they are genuinely interested in what else you are going to say.

Personalize and Differentiate

As your users sign up for your email lists and show interest in your products or content, you need to segment your lists. Send out personalized emails to welcome new guests. Tailor your emails to fit with their interests and most recent activity on your site. Not all users are the same and you won’t want to treat them like they are with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Writer Bio: Alethea M is a writer at WriterAccess, covering topics that range from marketing and design to photography and chiropractic care. She loves pulling out interesting facts from her corporate blogging research to impress friends at dinner parties.

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