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Tips For Crafting the Perfect Writer Profile

Tips For Crafting the Perfect Writer Profile

There’s an old saying that goes: you only have one chance to make a first impression, and people don’t forget. So make sure it’s a good one.

For many WriterAccess clients, that first impression takes the form of a writers profile (and profile photo!) Writer profiles are a lot more than just a virtual resume. They’re an overview of who you are and what only you can bring to the table.

If you’re looking to optimize your profile to get more work at WriterAccess, here are a few key things to keep in mind:


Your Headshot

Again, first impressions matter – so always begin with a professional looking headshot.

This should be a high-quality image of your face, similar to what you might find on the back cover of a book.

Make sure it’s well lit and in focus, but be wary of your background as certain “busy” patterns may degrade quality.


Your Summary of Experience

Next is your “Summary of Experience” section that allows you to summarize all relevant information regarding your professional career history.

But remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re just copying an explanation of your resume over into your profile.

Think of it like you’re telling the story of your life as a writer. Make it compelling and outline who you are today, what your strengths are, and how you got here.

Put yourself in the shoes of a perspective client: what would you need to know if you were looking for a writer to take on a new piece? What qualifications would set one candidate apart, or make you shy away from someone completely?


Specialties, Interests & Education

The next sections outline the areas that you have the most experience in, your personal interests, and your educational background.

All three help to give your profile a sense of personality and uniqueness. Allowing you to separate yourself from every other person within the WriterAccess platform, and stand as a subject matter expert.

Highlight the fields you’re the most familiar with in your “Specialties” section and use your “Interests” section to give your profile a flair all your own.

Not every school you ever attended is necessary for your “Education” section – just the ones that helped form the foundation for the career you’re currently building.


Awards, Honors, Memberships & More

Next, be sure to highlight any awards or honors you’ve received, along with memberships that you belong to. This demonstrates to clients that you have the talent to back up your work.

If you’re a Certified Property Manager for example, you would want to note that in the “Awards and Honors” section – especially if you wish to become one of WriterAccess’s notable freelance real estate writers.


Summaries & Project Overviews

Use the remaining sections to provide explanations regarding the industries you have the most experience in and provide samples that you believe demonstrate the extent of your knowledge, and the quality of work you provide.

Remember, it’s one thing to say that you’re great at arts and crafts articles for X, Y and Z reasons.
It’s another thing to show that off by providing a relevant sample that engages, uses relevant terminology, and incites the proper action (hiring you!)

This is why samples are always recommended as they help you sell the most important asset of all: yourself.


Like Any Other Professional Document, Revisit & Update Frequently

Finally and most importantly, you should always take care to update your profile on a regular basis as your life and body of work will grow.

Have you completed a recent white paper that you’re extremely proud of? Update your samples.

Have you unlocked a new area of expertise? Be sure to note it in the relevant location along with — you guessed it..a sample!

Stephen L is a writer that is passionate in not only providing quality content to WriterAccess clients, but helping other writers within the freelance marketplace.

See how he and our 13,000+ other writers can inform, engage, and capture your target audience with high quality content.

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