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Allergic to the Doldrums? Infuse Your Content With Personality


What are the reasons we fall in love with a specific author? For me, it is an author’s writing which enthralls me, pulls me in, and fascinates me with their storytelling and characters. Whether I am reading fact or fiction, it is the personality meshed with the content that draws me back time and again to read and reread written work. For content writers, it is the infusion of their personality into their written content that creates compelling, riveting, engrossing work that captures my own imagination as I read. The best writing induces pictures in the mind of the reader offering personal interpretation.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ~ Dr. Seuss

Adding Your Personality

Writing content is a job; there is no question about it. We writers work hard to develop a style and a multitude of tones that we can implement when writing. Clients often require a specific tone to present their content. However, if you are a writer who is discovering a lack of followers, you may want to examine the writing of successful writers in your industry.

Writing is a creative art. While there are technical elements to writing, the best writers transcend the technicality and produce originality. Their writing is identifiable as theirs. This identity is similar to an artist’s identity. An art connoisseur can identify the work of a particular artist by his style.

“Writing is hard work. It’s not hard like electrical engineering (a chapter in my past life), which was a mind-numbing, sleep-depriving, hair-pulling kind of hard. Writing is more a sweet torture, soreness-post-crazy-workout kind of hard.”~ Farnoosh Brock, Copyblogger

Writing is Hard Work

Good writing takes hard work. Sometimes ideas flow quickly and easily like water down a hill, but other words need to be dragged from your brain kicking and screaming until you get them down on paper. However, this is part of the writing process that all creative minds experience. It is the persistence of continuing to refine writing while adding your voice that makes you a professional writer. With the mechanics of writing so ingrained in your mind, you can let your thoughts emerge.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.” ~ Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


Writers get inspiration from the world around them and filter it through experience until it results in written content. It is what they add to the information that makes it unique and interesting. Since we invest our emotions into our writing, readers can relate to our disposition of concepts. Our success as writers is based on the ability to present ideas in a format that other people can internalize. We are word artists, using personality to express ourselves.

Paula A is writer by day and a voracious reader by night. She is currently trying to keep her house clean and her mind uncluttered, (or is it the other way around). She specializes in sales and marketing, hazelnut lattes and admiring local art.

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