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Actualizing Your Content Marketing Strategy: Five Ways to Get it Done

5 ways to get it done

After formulating a new content marketing strategy, the next step is implementing it into your day-to-day routine. A task easier said that done, to be certain. Thankfully, the Content Marketing Institute featured a few of the “paragons of productivity” as they call them, (you know the professionals who show up on videos, podcasts, social media conversations, who also find the time to write books and newsletters pertaining to the topic of content marketing), at Content Marketing World and were able to pick their brains a bit. The following are a five secrets of the trade from the best in the business. By following them, you can actualize your content marketing strategy and start getting results:

1.) Use Your Whole Toolbox

While your content marketing strategy is likely built in a digital universe, there is validity to taking pen to paper and scheduling via paper planners. Ideally, you will mix the tools and use the complete set of productivity aids you have at your disposal. Leslie Carruthers, President of The Search Guru and speaker, said the following about the subject:

We use Basecamp and Slack in the company, but personally, I love paper planners. I use a combo of a paper planner, digital calendars and the project management tools we have in the company to keep focused. You’ve got quarterly goals and annual goals to hit, and it can be so easy to let those slide for the day-to-day emergencies.”

2.) Hold Your Team Accountable & Encourage Collaboration

Managing multiple teams, projects and clients can become challenging.  Digital tools like Airtable can help you manage an abundance of tasks and promote a team mentality throughout the process. Creative Circle’s Vice President of Consulting Services and Solutions, Michael Weiss, said the following about using digital tools, such as Airtable:

“I’ve started to use Airtable. Airtable is a mix between using an Excel spreadsheet and Google Docs. It’s simple. It’s free. It has created accountability and continuity with a team who is spread out across the United States.”

3.) Schedule Time For Every Task of The Day

It’s second nature to schedule a meeting, giving it a prominent place on  your calendar and in your workday. However, according to Malanie Dezeil, Founder of StoyFuel and speaker, you really need to schedule every task, not just your meetings. She explains it as follows:

I’ve recently adopted a zero-based calendar. I put everything on my calendar, even if it’s not a meeting. Taking the shuttle to get to work, blocking off that I’m going to take time to shower, that I’m going to the gym, that I’m eating dinner or eating breakfast.”

She went on to add:

“It gives me a much more realistic picture of free time in my day. It’s easy to look at a calendar with just two or three meetings and think, ‘I’ve got plenty of time to get work done today,’ not realizing that it’s a half-hour commute to that meeting, half-hour commute to this meeting…”

4.) Automate Everything

If you make the time once to set up automation for many of your regular tasks, you will reap the benefits later when you don’t have to make time for them in your workday. Speaker and Director of Marketing and Communications for HealthPrize Technologies Vishal Khanna explains it as follows:

“I work with Pardot and Salesforce as core components of my engine, and I’ve got 40 or 50 different little automation rules that trigger in the background whenever leads pop into our system or whenever we take certain actions. Those cut down on a lot of the grunt work you would otherwise have to manually do.”

5.) Be Aware Social Media is a Time Vampire

Sure, it’s part of your job to monitor social media, but let’s be honest, it can be a time vampire, leeching every available moment that could be put towards productivity out of your day. Therefore, content strategist, podcast host, and speaker for Convince & Convert, Anna Hrach advises the following:

“Ah! Get off social media! It’s such a time suck! Because I work within social media for a lot of my clients, all of sudden, I’m like ‘Hey, how long have I actually been on Facebook? Interesting.’ But there are a lot of tools you can use to monitor your excess usage when you’re working and I find those really help.”

Follow the five suggestions listed above to begin actualizing your vision for your latest advancements in content marketing strategy. Whether you are implementing new tools or simply endeavoring to perfect your current strategy, these five productivity tips should help you achieve success.



Brandie Ps career as a freelance writer spans several years and encompasses an abundance of niche specialties. Before beginning her writing career, she was an office manager and worked in the medical field. Her experience in these two fields have come in handy when writing topics pertaining to these fields.


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