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A World of Wordsmiths: Copywriter Festivals

copywriter festivals

So you want to go where the writers go. A festival you say, for copywriters you say. Well, I’ve got your bark, I mean back. Here are some of the best places to go when you want to be around your own kind. Writers, there are festivals all around the world beckoning your lit spirit. Book your flight now and beat the frozen doldrums of this frigid February with warm writer festivals in your future.

PEN World Voices Festival 

The PEN World Voices Festival in 2019 will be held May 6 to 12. Where? That is the golden question. For starters, this isn’t your typical type of convention where you listen to lectures and share spit with your fellow writer fellows. You have to get an internship to attend the festival, which requires you registering and applying for a said internship.

Then you spend four to five months working in some literary capacity at the festival. The areas that interns are hired for include marketing, social media, festival management, and program development. So yea! If you want to get behind the scenes into the literary festival scene, this is the world writer festival for you.

Vancouver Writers Fest

For those writers who want to go away but not too far, check out the Vancouver Writers Fest. Our cool Canadian cousins host their annual writer festival in the fall. For 2019 the Vancouver Writers Fest will be held from October 21 to 27. However! If you need a lit fix sometime before the leaves start falling, Whisky and Words is hosted in March. This annual fundraiser brings the world’s best whisky to the tables as a way to raise money for Reading with Writers and Spreading the Word, a couple of Canadian youth literary education programs.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Want something more tropical than the land of maple syrup and hockey pucks? Try the Jaipur Literature Festival. This annual Indian literary festival is held each January. Keep in mind January in the Southern Hemisphere is steamy hot so you’ll sweat it out at this whirlwind writer festival. Located at the Diggi Palace and billed as the greatest literary show on the planet, the festival is five days of bliss for more than one million literary lovers.

Content Marketing Conference

The folks at WriterAccess put on a tremendous conference each spring in their home city of Boston, MA. This year’s show is from April 16-19 and its theme is “It’s Time to Evolve Content Marketing.” Don’t you agree? Content writers who come to the show will find tons of insights and inspiration from the best minds (including the best writers’ minds!) in content marketing. Check it out–there’s still time to register!

So….where do you want to go for your first or next literary festival in 2019?

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