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A Show of Hands: How to Boost Your Content Comments

boostcommentsYour content is designed to be seen and read, to direct people to your products or services, to lend authority to your brand. Even if it never receives a comment, it’s a very powerful tool that works tirelessly, even months and years after its posted. Comments, however, help amplify that effect and draw more eyes to your content, making it even more cost-effective in terms of ROI. So, how can your blog content writers help encourage visitors to comment on posts without those posts seeming overly self-promotional?

If You Give It, They Will Come

Giveaways, whether they’re for items, discounts or promotional products, are a surefire way to entice readers to visit and comment. Even if your marketing budget is small, you can offer exclusive access to content like e-books or white papers to get the most for your marketing dollars. These items can also be simultaneously leveraged in email marketing campaigns, allowing you to steer multiple outreach streams to the same funnel. If you’re trying out A/B testing, just ask your blog content writers to create different landing pages. The files themselves can still be used on both pages – it’s a win-win!

Be Proactive in Your Own Comments

Two food industry behemoths, Taco Bell and Wendy’s, have a loyal following on social media – each boasts over a million followers on Twitter alone. Sure, a lot of that interest likely came from their food offerings, but both companies routinely land in the news for their snappy, hilarious and on-point responses as well. While this is not an art for the faint of heart – it’s a fine line between entertaining and running afoul of social etiquette at times – if the time is taken to master it within your blog comments, in-depth conversations emerge for all to see. You position yourself as a company that’s easy to talk to and isn’t afraid to respond to consumer questions, and brand loyalty and interest naturally follows.

Be a Part of the Community

Social media has clearly demonstrated that no brand is an island as far as marketing is concerned – networking is a vital part of visibility and conversion in every industry. Leaving blog comments on a peer’s posts encourages them to do the same for you, building a mutually beneficial relationship. If your customers see a friendly interaction between one of your suppliers and one of your representatives, you’re effortlessly communicating transparency and inviting that customer into the conversation as well. Joining in for a few back-and-forth comments before placing a link to your own (relevant) blog post is also considered good form, so make sure you’re respecting the wind-up before the pitch and not just stealing the spotlight on someone else’s stage.

Your blog content writers and marketing team work hard to create great work that attracts both human readers and Google admiration. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it by coaxing comments on each post and social media update!

Writer Bio: Delany M is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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