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700,000 Royalty-Free Images Available with WriterAccess

Did you know that when an image is paired with content, people retain 65% of the information three days later, compared with only 10% when no image is included? Or that blog posts with images get 650% better engagement than with posts that are text only? Clearly, your content needs images to perform at its best. But where can you find good images?

The Problem With Finding Usable Images

Many of the sites that offer free images have only low-resolution, amateurish images for download. Those with high-quality image inventories often charge premium rates that are unaffordable to individuals and small business owners with limited budgets.

Then there’s the problem of copyright and royalty infringement. Ethical site owners don’t want to accidentally use images that are rights protected, but trying to ensure that proper credit is always given can be like walking through a minefield.

WriterAccess Offers Over 700,000 Royalty-Free Images

When you open an account with Writer Access, you gain access to over 700,000 royalty-free images to use with your content. The images are easily downloadable from your client dashboard, and you can use them with your blog posts, long articles, and website content without worrying that you’re infringing on someone else’s royalty ownership.

Utilizing this library of high-quality images can make your content more memorable to your readers, enhance your site’s SEO, and make your site generally more aesthetically appealing to visitors.

Ensuring Fast Load Times When Using Images

Using abundant images on your site can decrease the page loading time.  Page load times matter because if a visitor has to wait too long for the content to load, they may leave and never return. After you download an image from WriterAccess, be sure to use a program such as ImageOptim to rid the image of the bloat that can lead to slower page loading times.  This will ensure that all your images increase traffic, rather than detract from it.

Open your account at Writer Access today to take advantage of this benefit, plus an assortment of other tools that are designed to help your site succeed.

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Kathleen S has over 10 years of freelance writing and SEO expertise. Kathleen has honed her skills in a wide variety of print and digital media outlets. Her published work has appeared in such publications as Top Agent Magazine, Parents Magazine,,, Health Magazine, Life Extension Magazine,,,,,,, and many more. 

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