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6 Ways “Game of Thrones” Can Make Your Blog Better

The wildly popular television series, “Game of Thrones,” has enchanted scores of viewers with its fantasy realm of treacherous politics, magic and war. Thought-provoking plots and dynamic characters create a world with many lessons to be learned, but what are they? Furthermore, what can all this possibly have to do with writing? Plenty.

Whether you’re a freelance article writer, content writer or a business owner looking to grow your content base by hiring professional writers for blogging services, the characters from “Game of Thrones” can lead you to better content and a better blog.

Be Clever Like Tyrion

It can be argued that within the series, there is no character more shrewd, more capable than Tyrion Lannister. In spite of life’s disadvantages, he has developed a keen understanding of his obstacles and knows how to address an audience – any audience. As a writer, it is crucial that you determine what you need to do or say, to whom you are speaking and what you need to accomplish.

Be Ruthless Like Cersei

Cersei Lannister is one of the more detestable characters of the series. However, if you ignore her more abhorrent characteristics and focus on her strengths, your writing might have something to gain. She is fearless, bold and, perhaps most of all, strong. Cersei has a clear understanding of her objectives and pursues them mercilessly. Understand your writing objective, then go after it — ruthlessly.

Be Resourceful Like Arya Stark

The Stark family stands in bold contrast to that of the Lannisters. Putting integrity first, they attempt to stand for honesty, honor and righteousness. Of the Starks, Arya is keen, daring and sometimes a little rebellious. More than anything, Arya Stark is resourceful. She uses all the tools available to achieve her objectives. You can do the same with your writing by calling on your own resources of active voice, strong grasp of grammar rules, healthy vocabulary and creative thought.

Be Persistent Like Jon Snow

The Stark child who never quite fit in anywhere knows how to do only one thing – persevere. Even as the odds are stacked against him, he’s remained true to himself and always given his best. Your takeaway lesson: Never give up until you succeed. Identify your own objective and write hard.

Be Memorable like Ned Stark

Long after Ned Stark’s departure from the world, his memory lives on as a man who worked hard to do what was right, in the face of so much wrong. Make your writing memorable, and it will stand out among the sea of average, long after you’ve moved on.

Be Informed like Lord Varys

As little as Lord Varys has going for him, one thing he knows for sure is that knowledge is currency. He is the one who all turn to for information because he knows all – by listening. By keeping yourself current on your craft or specialty, you can be the one clients turn to when they need a skilled, professional writer.

Perhaps the most important lesson any of us can use to better our writing from “Game of Thrones” is to prepare. Prepare because winter is coming. Which character can teach you the most about your writing strategy?

Jamie B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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