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6 Reasons a Personal Touch Matters in Your Content Marketing

personal touch content marketing

Trust me, you really don’t want to get left behind the times when it comes to your company’s content marketing. You want to do and say things that are new and innovative, so customers get what they value from their interactions with you. Exceed their expectations, and they’ll come back to you for more nearly every time.

But how can you do that when you market your content? Through personalization, of course! Here are six of the greatest reasons to add that personal touch to your company’s content marketing efforts.

1. Big Companies Can Be Impersonal

Plenty of big companies – and some little ones, too – can be very impersonal when they communicate. That’s because they aren’t really thinking about individual people. They’re thinking about their “customer base.” Sure, that’s important. But you also want to be aware that your customer base is made up of individuals.

If you don’t reach out to people, and let them know you see them as people, they aren’t going to be very responsive to your content marketing efforts. But make them feel like you’re not a nameless, faceless corporation that just wants their hard-earned money? That’s something they’ll really appreciate.

2. Everyone Wants Their Lives to Be Easier

Who doesn’t want their life to be easier? There may be someone somewhere, but you probably haven’t met them yet. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is finding a company that makes things easier for its customers and seems happy to do so. Be that company.

When you’re that company, your content marketing is about more than just getting people to buy what you’re offering. That marketing is also about showing people what you can offer to them that will help them live a better or easier life. You don’t have to be perfect, or give your customers everything they’ve ever dreamed of. You just have to show them that what you’re offering will actually help them, instead of just saying it will so they’ll buy from you. They won’t forget that.

3. People Like to Be Acknowledged

People want to know that they matter. You don’t have to put them on a pedestal. It’s not necessary, and if you flatter them too much they’ll see right through it. They’ll know you’re just saying what they want to hear, and that’s a real turnoff when you’re trying to get people to feel comfortable with your company. Instead of going overboard with how great your customers are, just let them know you heard them. They really, really want to be heard.

People like it when you acknowledge them, and when they feel understood and appreciated in an honest way. You can give your customers that through your content marketing. Be open and honest. Tell them the truth. And give them the opportunity to tell you how they feel. When they do that, acknowledge it. Even if you can’t fix what they’re upset about, letting them know you hear them can often be enough.

4. Doing Your Homework Matters to Customers

Adding a personal touch to your content marketing isn’t as difficult as you think. It’s mostly a matter of treating others like you want to be treated. Oh, and a matter of doing your homework. Knowing your target market as a whole is a vital part of figuring out what kind of content to offer.

But knowing what to really say in that content? That means truly understanding the people that make up the target market. Find out about them, demographically. Find out about them more personally if you can – without, of course, being a stalker! The more thorough your homework, the better your content marketing message can be.

5. Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Do you appreciate your customers? Yes. Have you told them? No? Why not? They would want to know. Your appreciation for them is something they want to hear, and something that could keep them coming back to your company for years. When you focus your content marketing on information with a personal touch, you get the chance to tell your customers they matter to you. They’ll remember that you actually appreciate their business.

6. Humans Want to Interact With Other Humans

If your content sounds like a bot wrote it and customers who reach out to you never get any response back, you’re missing out on the personal touch you could be offering. You’ve probably heard the saying that no man is an island. It’s basically true. People, for the most part, want and need to be around other people. They want to interact. Give them that opportunity, will you? Your company, and its bottom line, will thank you.

The personal touch you and your company can provide with its content marketing isn’t a requirement. You can still do business without it. But incorporating that personal touch is certainly important if you want to take your company above and beyond its current state. It makes your customers feel good, and it can put your company on the map – all because you took the time to see your customers as people, and show them they mattered. What a great way to help society and help your company at the same time!

Michelle B  writes web content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more, and has created thousands of pieces of content for companies all over the world. She holds an associate’s degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in legal administration.

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