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6 Content Planning Tools to Try in 2019

When it comes to planning your content, you might feel confused or at a loss. You wouldn’t be the only one who has struggled to try to figure out the best way to handle and plan your content. But fortunately, you have options. There are tools you can use to plan your content, and along with a good writer to give you quality content to offer to your customers, these tools can help you get things done more efficiently. You’ll reduce your stress and have more peace of mind, which is always a good thing when you’re running a business. Here are six content planning tools to explore in 2019.

1. CoSchedule

If you don’t want to be sending emails all over the place all the time, trying to keep everyone in the loop, CoSchedule is what you need. It puts everything in one place, and everyone on the project can have access to the same things in real time. It’s excellent for scheduling and works great for a marketing strategy. Since that strategy includes content, you can use CoSchedule for everything your business is trying to accomplish. You can try it for free, and the cost depends on the size of your organization and the features you choose. You’ll have plenty of options to consider with this particular content planning tool.

2. Airtable

Along with its calendar feature, Airtable gives you the opportunity to put everything in one place for your team’s ease of collaboration. When you want to plan content, you need a way to lay everything out so all the people involved in the process can see what’s taking place. It’s so much easier that way, and it really reduces the confusion that can come about in the content marketing process. Less confusion means more efficiency, which is something that every business is looking for. That efficiency can come in a lot of ways, but using Airtable can help make content planning easier for everyone in your company.

3. Content DJ

Content DJ is a great choice for people who are developing websites, and it’s also a good option for people who are trying to make changes to their website to make it better for their customers. But what’s one of the main things that website needs? Good content, of course! With this content planning option, you can find content from around the web, use your own, and aggregate a lot of different options in order to give your company and your customers the highest level of value. You can use Content DJ for data collection, as well, so you’ll be able to see how your content is doing and look at what adjustments you can make.

4. WriterAccess Content Planner

Putting all your ideas for content in one place is a great way to stay organized, but you also want to segment your content enough that you can reach out to new customers while keeping established ones engaged. With the WriterAccess Content Planner, you can do that easily. You’ll also be able to track and optimize your keywords, find new and valuable material with the comprehensive search function, and meet all your deadlines with the built-in editorial calendar. You really can have it all and get what you need from a great content planning tool and a great team of writers, all in one place.

5. Monday

Monday is another great option for content planning. Like most of the tools offered, it has a free trial and then paid plans that vary depending on the features you want to use and the number of users who will be accessing the program. It lets you track everything day to day, and you can schedule content, plan it out, and collaborate with others so that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. It’s a great way to make sure everything’s getting done the way it’s supposed to, and your customers are getting the content they want, need, and deserve.

6. Gather Content

With a central location for everything and the ability to store what you need and collaborate on all of it, Gather Content is another good planning tool. It lets you store content, organize it, and can even help you create it and generate ideas. You’ll get help with rules and guidelines, as well, so you can make sure you’re following everything that’s important to your business and not putting any content out there that could cause a problem. Making sure the content you put out into the world is good for your business is important, and something a good planning tool should offer.

Michelle B  writes web content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more, and has created thousands of pieces of content for companies all over the world. She holds an associate’s degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in legal administration.

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